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Item Artist Wanted.


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Hey Yall,


So some of you may remember me, I certainly remember a few of you. I used to go under this screen name or santamynana, or variations there of. I'm starting a new game, hoping to launch in a few months. It's not going to be a Virtual Pet Game, but structured in a similar manner. I have around $2000 to spend on getting the website up and running, and I remembered this community and wanted to open it up, I'm taking bids from multiple freelancers at the moment, but as I say, my ties are to the virtual pet community, and me and my old business partner loved virtual pet games, so to hire someone from the community would be great.

THE GAME: Mythic Story, Enter a world of imagination, fantasy and mythology. Discover lost cities, battle the elements and fight histories greatest monsters.

So as you can tell the game is fully based around mythology and is going to have a hint of educationalism in there, the idea is that it may be able to help teach younger people better history, while also having fun. I'd love to talk to some of you more about my ideas, and please drop me a line with your portfolios for web design.

As for art, I currently have all the worlds, NPC's and monsters/animals I need for now. But I will however need a metric tonne of item art, I know this can be tedius and laboures but it's something that's needed doing. I'm gonna need quite a few items related to the elements as well (at the moment just the basic 4), I have some already but I will need a lot more, as when the user registers, they are going to have to choose a home element/world and only those who are within that element can purchase said elemental items.

Style: Fantasy/Cute/Cartoony (See images for example of style in the post below)

I'll be around the site now, now that I've rediscovered it, so see you all around :)

EDIT: I no longer need a programmer as I have hired one within budget. I am however still looking for artists. Please send me price lists for a block amount of art (EG: 100 items) as this will be a good pace. It is expected that Mythic Story will be up and running within 2 months



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No longer need programmer
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I may be able to provide the kind of artwork you're looking for, depending on you budget -- my freelance post is here for artwork/item reference and I also have an official Artstation portfolio if that suits better for example work.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at [email protected] or direct message me via Discord under Ibbit#8513 - just let me know you're from TGL in your message!~ ☺️?

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