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Random Game List?


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Just... Wondering that instead of a "Highest Rated Games" list, could we have a Random Game list? ( or just have another box for that feature? ) Basically whatever has been put on the site will have a random chance of appearing in that box, either on every refresh or every few minutes.

As much as I like a Highest Rated Games list, it's literally only going to promote... What, 5 games, out of the many that we COULD have in the future. This way newcomers and even us old "petsite wanderers" can have a tempting view of other stuff. New, old, and in-between. x'D

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I like the way you have it, now! :D With the random games at the top and the top-rated ones at the bottom. Excellent job! 


One more suggestion along the same lines, though. Perhaps limit listings to games that are actually playable? Perhaps with a registration system in place as the bare minimum. Several of the site listings appear to be completely blank ^_^'' Very um, very unhelpful, lol. 

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