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Have you gone to a concert? What band did you go see?


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My boyfriend and I went to see USS earlier this year, and we have tickets booked to see Coldplay in September :) I'm super excited for Coldplay - I used to play guitar and sing their songs. I kind of have most if not all their lyrics memorized by heart. >< 

Originally I was going to tag along with my boyfriend and his brother's wedding party to a Pendulum concert in London, UK in August but I had to decline my invitation :c 

I just found out Apocalyptica is doing a show in September as well - so I might go to that too! I was never a big concert-goer, but I do like going to see my favorite bands /music groups.  I'm into classic rock / alt rock, and keeping my eyes peeled for bands to come to my city XD  I like smaller venues (Coldplay being the exception) and I do like to listen to local bands whenever they're playing in pubs or bars haha.

So what concerts have you gone to? Who have you seen live? 

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Ahhh... Last concert I went to was Simple Plan, the "Taking One For The Team" tour back in September 2016.
It was hosted at The Coliseum, at Sentosa's Hard Rock Hotel.

I admit I was surprised to be invited by my friend, but holy shit was I glad I was.
We cannot stress how much fun we had at the concert.

Eitherway, it was like a nostalgia trip for me because I used to listen to a lot of Simple Plan when I was younger. Oh man oh man oh man

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Only concerts I've ever been to were for the band Starset

They were both awesome! They played at a planetarium so everyone was close to the band, seated, and there were various space-themed things playing overhead. Since all their songs fit in with this little space travel story, it was amazing!

I'm not one for crowds either, so the venue was an amazing choice!

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@Regnant I have recently fallen in love with Starset. <3 

The only concert I've ever been to was for Casting Crowns, it was a birthday gift from a friend of mine in college. So my boyfriend and I went, and the ladies behind us in line offered us tickets to the meet and greet because their other two friends weren't going to make in time. :D I totally wasn't expecting to meet the band too, but it was pretty cool. 

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I've ever only been to one concert, and mind you this was back in like 2005-6...somewhere around there. I went with a friend whose sister had an extra ticket, so it was free for me. We saw Panic! At the Disco, and the warm-up bands were The Plain White Tee's and some other band I can't remember their too, but do remember they sucked terribly and were booed numerous times. 

Overall, for a first band, first moshpit experience, it wasn't so bad.. though I did get a cigarette chucked at my head. Yay me CX

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On 4/26/2017 at 7:53 PM, LIZ said:

the only concert i went to was three days grace, was awesome!! :D


I love Three Days Grace XD I don't think they ever come to Vancouver though :c 

My friends went to see John Mayer the other day, but I didn't go because the tickets were expensive. I already paid for Apocalyptica tickets for September (it was a splurge buy, I got it for my sister who's a huge fan of them and my boyfriend). So now I'm broke haha, can't go to another concert for the remainder of this year. 

@Aminirus That must be a fun concert you went to! Panic! & The Plain White Tee's would be a cool concert to go to I think. When I went to see USS it was in a night club and some people ruined the night for me since they were vaping and throwing empty plastic beer cups onto the ground. The music and vibe were great but the people there were not so good, lol.


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