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More free item artwork?


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I was inspired by @kami's thread where they gave away free item artwork.


So I figured I'd give away some of my own item artwork as well? 

Here's a link to the folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5ALeHZVkszrRWRCNkFJelVXQUU 

Some examples attached for a quick preview. 


These are item artworks I originally drew myself for the game I'm working on, Saylua. I mostly did them for art practice and to try to figure out our item artwork style though haha, so I never really had a plan for these items! And they're kind of generic anyways, so I figured maybe someone will find them useful. 

License is CC0. Attribution is appreciated but not required. I'd also really appreciate if you let me know if you use these, just because I'm curious haha. :D

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Hi @tiff

I've been developing a game for a long time and have only recently starting looking at adding art for it.

These items will come in real handy while I'm still developing it to get rid of my temporary placeholder images haha

 thank you :)

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@Hare and @draculaYay, I'm honored you both are interested in using these! :D Leporidae looks cute~~

On 5/8/2017 at 11:15 PM, dracula said:

How do you prefer to be credited?

I realized I hadn't actually thought of this. XD I have some online art galleries, but I'm not super active on any of them. >.< So I think it might be best to just credit me as Tiff Zhang with a link to my general portfolio: http://tiffzhang.com/

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