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Final Fantasy XIV, or, how my life was sucked away for 4 years (ongoing)


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Anyone play XIV? This game is literally the reason why I stopped playing pet sites.

It's an mmorpg, but damn if it isn't a delicious love letter to the Final Fantasy franchise.

Also available on PS4! (i sound like an ad, look at me, im mr meeseeks)

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I was playing this game for a little bit! I LOVED it. But then I started playing XV when it came out, but now that I beat it, I want to switch back to XIV. I just wish I didn't have to pay monthly, but I understand why they do that. It was so entertaining.

I'm also on the PS4 <3 Now I definitely want to start playing again so I have some friends I could hang out with on there!

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dude if you ever do and you need friends, hit me up on Gilgamesh server!! I do end game raiding with lots of really skilled people, but I'm also in an fc for casuals, so I love helping out wherever!

There's also lots of returner status stuff you can get now :) Or if you didn't get far in the beginning, just playing the game on trial lets you get to lvl 35 now, and access to the Palace of the Dead that lets you try all the classes to 60!!

I have a PC actually but I play with my ps4 controller, but I know so many good players also on PS4! O:

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@bird I will be sure to do that! I think I might get back into it very soon because I need a good relaxing game to distract me. :) I have so many projects going on right now that I need to learn to relax.

I just love how this game allows all console/pc players to play with each other no matter what. I need to just find a bluetooth keyboard to hook up to my ps4 because I feel bad when players are trying to talk to me and they clearly have a keyboard and I can't respond quick enough before they run off thinking I'm ignoring them :P

I also have a really great PC, but I don't enjoy playing games on the PC as much as I do a console. Unless they are of course browser-based games.

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