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10-16-20 - some stuff/some fixes Scions casino!


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Hello! Are you all having fun with the bakeneko this halloween? I hope so! Well I have a few things to inform you of (Ive been posting these on discord as I've done them but heres the compiled ones.)

~ Fixed the account page

~Avatar bug is still present Im sorry.

~We have a tumblr now- https://atrocitypetsite.tumblr.com/

~We also have a twitter- https://twitter.com/APetsite

~I swtiched the arcade link back to the old one until I can fix the new layout

~Created accounts for EVERYONE (almost 200 of you) on the forums- you just have to reset your forum password to use it- same email, same username as what you use on the main site) Later when he gets the chance hes going to make new users AUTO connect to the forum- older users still have to go my route. Im also checking to make sure I add everyone who signs up until this is done.

~Added "Forum profile" to users profile pages for direct linking to each one!

~You can vote for us on onlinegamingdirectory now lol -https://onlinegaming.directory/site/atrocity#vote

~The attic in your house is open! (if you have the right permit) What will you find??

~The win big lose big prize wheel is open too! you can find it at the casino/bank

~Energy bar and health bar now appear under fave pet on the sidebar- (they seem to be acting weird- will see about tweaking)

~Fixed the buy energy page... it was half broken..

~Pet energy will no longer go below 0

~You can buy OVER 200 energy... and im fine with that.

~I had to reset everyones candy back to 10- sorry..my fault. XD

~Added an announcement about the forum accounts to the forum so people know they already have one.

~I know about the SSL/security certificate issue- its being looked into. Sorry!

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