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Atrocity is a petsite that feels nostalgic- ~ No pay to win. completely free, we enjoy what we do!
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  2. You can now also see our Updates here! Hello! its been a while- hope all are well! I've been working like a busy bee! Lets start off with some bug fixes and stuff! Thanks to Hall of Famer the Avatar bug and setting fave pet bug in the profile settings are now fixed! Thanks to Kristhasirah the issue with being unable to see all of your pets and tabs in your profile is now fixed! Fixed the bug of painted pets not appearing when liking/clicking! --Added the newest member and user with the most clicks on the index page. --Fixed the likes/clicks not appearing under the top pets --Fixed Cronjobs --Added The message in a bottle system! It works now! If you find a message in a bottle in the ocean at the beach you can now go to the boat at the dock and hand it over to Ida to open! NEW FEATURE- DIARIES! The diarys are live now! And Everyone now has a link to theirs on their profile! (Later I wanna make it an image that changes depending on your alignment but for now you get a link.) WE also spent a very long time making it work and adding things it records- as well as making it look nice! You can see mine here (with all of my expermental entries XD) https://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/profile/diary/Ittermat mind you new tabs/stuff its recording and whatnot will continue to be added! but for now this works fine! NEW PAINTBRUSH- CANVAS!! We've made a very special new paintbrush! called the CANVAS Brush It can be found in premium pets. What does it do? It changes your pet into a canvas pet! Which means that it will CHANGE sometimes to be colored with famous paintings! If you wanna see one of mine you can go here- https://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/pet/profile/89 Best part is I can keep adding different images for them to be painted with! If you have a painting you want to see on a pet- please go to this forum topic and post the painting you'd like! I think thats everything for now!! ~Till next time!
  3. Hello! Are you all having fun with the bakeneko this halloween? I hope so! Well I have a few things to inform you of (Ive been posting these on discord as I've done them but heres the compiled ones.) ~ Fixed the account page ~Avatar bug is still present Im sorry. ~We have a tumblr now- https://atrocitypetsite.tumblr.com/ ~We also have a twitter- https://twitter.com/APetsite ~I swtiched the arcade link back to the old one until I can fix the new layout ~Created accounts for EVERYONE (almost 200 of you) on the forums- you just have to reset your forum password to use it- same email, same username as what you use on the main site) Later when he gets the chance hes going to make new users AUTO connect to the forum- older users still have to go my route. Im also checking to make sure I add everyone who signs up until this is done. ~Added "Forum profile" to users profile pages for direct linking to each one! ~You can vote for us on onlinegamingdirectory now lol -https://onlinegaming.directory/site/atrocity#vote ~The attic in your house is open! (if you have the right permit) What will you find?? ~The win big lose big prize wheel is open too! you can find it at the casino/bank ~Energy bar and health bar now appear under fave pet on the sidebar- (they seem to be acting weird- will see about tweaking) ~Fixed the buy energy page... it was half broken.. ~Pet energy will no longer go below 0 ~You can buy OVER 200 energy... and im fine with that. ~I had to reset everyones candy back to 10- sorry..my fault. XD ~Added an announcement about the forum accounts to the forum so people know they already have one. ~I know about the SSL/security certificate issue- its being looked into. Sorry!
  4. Hello Atrocitians! GUESS WHAT! Its the halloween event! What does this mean? it means that the bakeneko are back on the site for the holiday! Man do they love Halloween! in fact they've decided to be awesomely nice and share some treasures with you! But not always for free! Your pet will find Some Katty Taffy sometimes as you wander the site that you can use to persuade the Bakeneko to let you play! They're also being generous and giving you some free ones everyday! Head on over to the Event plaza to start playing! and winning items! (I admit that the games are not perfect...I am an amateur coder..but I tried!) There is also Some new items in Caratrises, Habibis, and Delilahs stores! TRICK OR TREATING You can also do some trick or treating! You just need to visit a Users profile! A banner will randomly appear! and you then can click on it to get prizes! This is what the banner looks like! To be able to obtain these items you need to have a Which is available to buy in Habibi's holiday for the Month! Please Also try to leave a Lovely message on their profile when you find something! we all deserve soe love! Also please Feel free to Join in the Discussion Forum about halloween! This Event Will Last until October 30th! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  5. My Friend User Micolai and I were working to try to fix the forums that havent been finished yet- and since we couldnt do it.. we decided to instead get a my bb forum- So I spent my day working on getting that squared away and working.. as well as a few minor updates- (nothing really worth mentioning-) We're gonna still be tweaking stuff on it- but you are welcome to join, as you have to reregister on there unfortunately...theres no way to bring the users from the preexisting Database over... (PLEASE USE THE SAME USERNAME THAT YOU USE ON ATROCITY) There are two ways to get to it-! but you can see it either here- https://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/pages/view/atrocityforum Its also found in the communicate menu->Forums(if you want it embedded in the site- OR you can open it in its own window- (Either by the link at the top of the page- Or by going here-https://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/mybb/index.php The theme is also a work in progress- hopefully we'll have a better matching one by the end of the weekend! There are also a couple tutorials I made.. one is how to use your Atrocity avatar on the forum, and the other is how to add your companions to the Forum too! Heres some other updates to the forum I did also.. --Added the usergroups for the different alignments --Added the forums for those alignments to discuss things. --Added the group legend at the bottom of the forum --Added @mentions to the forum --Added the ability to show all your usergroup images on your profile and postbit --Added an automatic happy birthday message and the ability to see if its a users birthday in posts and congratulate them. --Added Ability to get profile comments, Show your buddy list, show the last visitors to your profile, show who you were referred by, --Added a posting points system --Added an on site shop with a link in the top Navbar (still gotta add items) --Added a usergroup page with link at top navbar (still trying to get the groups to show up) --Added pet paints to the shop that can be buyable once on the forum (I'll send you one on the main site when its bought) --You should now be able to style your profiles on the forum You just go to your profile page and hit the "style" button at the top right corner (above your avatar) Gonna add items to this forum that then mean you can get the item on the main site when you buy it... Adding random stuff for now- will add the rest later one when I figure out what interesting stuff I wanna do for that =3 Alright back to work.. I've been workin on that and some new avatar clothes and whatnot! Till next time my lovelies!
  6. Hey! I promise I have been working on things... lol! I just keep updating minor things in the Discord. So heres the compiled updates. --I've put the clothing stores together- so now theres no separate color in/precolored shops. the only ones that will stay apart are the base shops since there are so many lol. --I've added a new "likes" system, you can now like peoples pets! It doesnt have any purpose except to show love to a pet you like. --Hidden shops should now work --Theres an energy system on site now to deter people from abusing the fave pets and them finding items. this also comes with the ability to buy more energy. (I needs some tweaking but its there) --there are also new Random events that happen with fave pets... just silly things and site hints. --Updated the paint pet outcome page- to have the new pet paints --added new pet paints- (wild and Kids drawing) --Created all the items to win from the riddle page (riddle page not finished yet) --redid the dialougue at the bakeneko shrine- and Now its all on site- no need for the extra website! --Catari can now have a chance to find you a hanafuda card for bribing Eyre. --Levelup things are changed to AGE so stuff isnt confusing when battling is released. --Fixed and updated the shrine images- no more tinypic/photobucket errors --Maxe prize page now works on its own! --added new avatar items to win for beating the bakeneko maze. --Added more avatar items as well as a new store (cosplay corner) --You can also now mine in crystal caves to get ores for special items! (the caves are found in the forest mine) --added more recipes! ____________________ Thats all I got for now! Thanks for your patience!
  7. Hello! its me again! We're still working on things I promise! **We reset everyones pets due to all the errors I caused- these should no longer appear **fixed a few of the avatar items ***Added a Daily free currency page ***There are now Seasons added to the side bar! **Cron jobs should be fixed and reset properly STILL WORKING ON/ADDING (NOTE: alot of these are on the to do list...When/whether they get done right now is unknown-) **Adding a monthly riddle page with prizes **Working to finish the forums **Pet sicknesses/ailments and the medicine **Fixing the Arcade layout to work again..its got messed up **Fixing the Tooltips and where they appear as well as fixing the lightboxes on maps **Fixing the ability to buy from hidden shops **Fixing/adding the diary system **Progress bars for thirst mood/hunger etc **Showing where a user is on the site in the online list **Ability to breed with other users pets And soooo much other stuff! (I have a long list of things to do!) CODING WE'RE WAITING ON **Battling system /everything that goes with it **The fixed recolorable avatar bases I'll keep ya'll posted! thank you for your patience!
  8. **I've made and added a few Avatar items- Mainly these- They are all colorable and available in their respective shops. (I didnt make any precolored ones yet) ***I've done some minor sidebar changes, and added a "change avatar" area under a users avatar for quick dressing/undressing/changing the base etc. And moved some stuff around to make it more streamlined... as well as fixed the Date and time area and added emojis. *****Certain items in shops are now Holiday/season specific (for example: Tanktops are available during the Season of heat (Aka summer) Or sweaters in winter. Or certain holiday outfits on those holidays. Or certain seeds/plants available during certain times. *****Worked on the forums a bit= but need help finishing 'em. ****Started work on the actual user dashboard on Login- Got seasons to work... gotta work on the other parts.. ****Fixed the tinypic issue in the mail area.. Hazel wasnt there- hes back! **A few squashed bugs Back to work!
  9. I went through to every single pet folder and renamed them all so they would be easier to choose in the labs- For example this is one I already had changed- And this is before I changed the names as you can see theres a big difference in how easy it is to tell what they are... So this also means that pets you've already adopted/own and try to breed will cause errors..as those folder names that it calls from no longer exist. But we plan to erase everyones pets on the relaunch to fix that and let everyone start over. I also went through and fixed images/added addons to the new holiday only feature... so that now when its that holiday- like say halloween/october the special halloween addons appear on pets and can be used in the lab. on forth to work on other things!
  10. Heres what we've added so far! +We switched around the menus- Side menu (with accordion) is at the top now- to minimize scrolling +Fixed the pet alignment issue so theres no longer a line on the side of created pets +Fixed the pet images (some were misaligned) +Other bug fixes +A new pet species- A plant +Added the create a pet lab +Made a new welcome/see you later page for the Login/logout +Added the avatar system with Both precolored and Colorable avatars and clothes (Over 250 new items and new stores for them too!) (<--heres my avatar currently!) + Redid the staff page +Added more shirts/clothes +Working to make the new shop NPCS and things, as well as reorganizing and shop restock. +Added notifications to the top bar (instead of the side bar) (6-11-2020) +Added a Hair store and new hairstyles for your avatar (6-12-2020) +Fixed the discord widget on the site (6-12-2020) +Worked on the forums a bit (6-12-2020) STUFF COMING IN THE FUTURE +The forums being finished +The battling system with elements/minipets/magic etc +The farm, garden orchard +Fixing the trading system +Better Alchemy +Changing the aesthetics on a lot of features.. +And wayyyyy more than I can list here!!

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