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Update update! 8-30-2020


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Hey! I promise I have been working on things... lol! I just keep updating minor things in the Discord. So heres the compiled updates.

--I've put the clothing stores together- so now theres no separate color in/precolored shops. the only ones that will stay apart are the base shops since there are so many lol.

--I've added a new "likes" system, you can now like peoples pets! It doesnt have any purpose except to show love to a pet you like.

--Hidden shops should now work

--Theres an energy system on site now to deter people from abusing the fave pets and them finding items. this also comes with the ability to buy more energy. (I needs some tweaking but its there)

--there are also new Random events that happen with fave pets... just silly things and site hints.

--Updated the paint pet outcome page- to have the new pet paints

--added new pet paints- (wild and Kids drawing)

--Created all the items to win from the riddle page (riddle page not finished yet)

--redid the dialougue at the bakeneko shrine- and Now its all on site- no need for the extra website!

--Catari can now have a chance to find you a hanafuda card for bribing Eyre.

--Levelup things are changed to AGE so stuff isnt confusing when battling is released.

--Fixed and updated the shrine images- no more tinypic/photobucket errors

--Maxe prize page now works on its own!

--added new avatar items to win for beating the bakeneko maze.

--Added more avatar items as well as a new store (cosplay corner)

--You can also now mine in crystal caves to get ores for special items! (the caves are found in the forest mine)

--added more recipes!


Thats all I got for now!

Thanks for your patience!

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