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Mycena Cave is seeking additional artists


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Hello! I'm Myla, an admin and artist on Mycena Cave. We're looking for 1 - 3 additional artists to add to our art team which is currently a team of 12! We have some great artist interfaces which promote collaboration between our artists, and have a variety of art needs (items, event art, unique pet creation, etc.).
Now Seeking Artists
Role Description & Responsibilities

A Mycena Cave artist creates art assets for the site which can include art for site events and activities, coat and item sets for monthly or seasonal release, sprout, custom, or edit queue orders, and game-related art. Much of the time, artists are creating either equippable items or unedited or edited pets. Artists are carefully selected based on their experience, artistic ability, ability to execute the Mycena Cave style, and on conduct and professionalism. Artists are expected to create art contributing to the overall feel and look of Mycena Cave, and extending it with their own personal and professional touch to the site.

At this time, we are looking for general artists with excellent communication skills who are interested in helping out in various different areas, including queue and event artwork. A willingness to collaborate on projects with other artists is also preferred.

General Expectations & Requirements

Listed below are our expectations for a Mycena Cave artist:

  • Artist must be at least 18 years old
  • Artist conducts themselves in a professional manner
  • Artist exhibits confidence with their artistic ability
  • Artist responds to and incorporates critique into their work
  • Artist has the time and the motivation to work on Mycena Cave regularly
  • Artist meets deadlines and follows instructions
  • Artist communicates effectively and professionally with Mycena Cave players and staff
  • Artist is willing to use echoes, staff forums, and staff discord to communicate with staff
  • Artist is friendly and gets along with Mycena Cave players and staff
  • Artist keeps staff-only information in confidence
  • Artist mimics the Mycena Cave style willingly and effectively
  • Artist uses SAI, SAI2, Photoshop Creative Suite, or Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex
  • Artist is familiar with clipping, masking, layer effects, group folders, and .psd and .png file formats
Responsibilities and Duties

A site artist has access to a variety of art-related tasks consisting of different levels of creative input from the artist. Coat and item creation will form the bulk of an artist’s weekly work. Periodically, an artist will have an opportunity to create other, miscellaneous site art and graphics as needed during events and activities. Some art tasks allow for artistic freedom—for example, designing an Out of the Shadows set (our monthly release which consists of a coat + two items) is usually done by the artist who claims the slot. Other art tasks have more specifications—for example, an artist may take a custom order with a mock-up attached, and the artist strives to make the custom to those specifications.

An ideal candidate will be flexible and industrious, willing to collaborate with the team to meet artistic goals and often balancing multiple projects at a time. Creation of event, seasonal, and queue related work will have hard deadlines which will need to be met. In addition to artistic ability, effective time management will be a valued skill in a potential candidate.


If this sounds interesting to you, more information, including compensation rate and the application process and form can be found here: https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/announcements/18415/seeking-artists

I'm happy to answer any questions here (in this thread or via PM), or through the Mycena Cave communication systems (forums/PM)! :)

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