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Hiring Artist for Logo


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Hey all, 

I am looking for an artist who is familiar with doing pets and logos to create a logo for one of my projects. Budget is flexible, if you're interested you can respond here or PM me. I'd like to see some examples as I do have an idea of what kind of style I'm looking for but if everything goes well there's the opportunity for more work and I'd love to build a working relationship with some artists here. 

Feel free to ask questions and I'll give more details if you're interested! I don't bite, I promise!! :)

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That's the style. Bold lines, bright colors, and shiny/bubbly shading, and chibi-like creature. :) 

I'm essentially looking for a single creature-mascot could potentially be part of the logo, or do two separate things. I'm not what I would consider an artist so I need some help with illustrations for the branding but I don't want to limit the artist to just the illustration so I was hoping it could be more of a collaboration for colors and fonts as well. 

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