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new avatar items/minor updates


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**I've made and added a few Avatar items-
Mainly these-

They are all colorable and available in their respective shops. (I didnt make any precolored ones yet)

***I've done some minor sidebar changes, and added a "change avatar" area under a users avatar for quick dressing/undressing/changing the base etc. And moved some stuff around to make it more streamlined... as well as fixed the Date and time area and added emojis.

*****Certain items in shops are now Holiday/season specific (for example: Tanktops are available during the Season of heat (Aka summer) Or sweaters in winter. Or certain holiday outfits on those holidays. Or certain seeds/plants available during certain times.

*****Worked on the forums a bit= but need help finishing 'em.

****Started work on the actual user dashboard on Login- Got seasons to work... gotta work on the other parts.. XD

****Fixed the tinypic issue in the mail area.. Hazel wasnt there- hes back!

**A few squashed bugs

Back to work!


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