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Realm of Lyth: Event - Turn the Tides [Art/Creative RPG]


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Realm of Lyth just launched its first major story-based event today: Turn the Tides.

Follow the storyline via 4 week-long event prompts, and help determine the future of Lyth as we know it. Participate in extra activities, and collect new items to unlock additions for your Lythians that are more fitting for the increased water level.

Above is one of the custom characters available to win via free raffle.

The event beginning update includes part 1 of the storyline, an event-limited daily activity, teasers for two opportunities to acquire designer-created unique characters (used to participate/play in the game's activities), and a new permanent crafting feature.

Full information on the event announcement found here: https://realm-of-lyth.com/news/17


Realm of Lyth is an art-based RPG geared toward progressing your characters via creating. Characters grow and participate in the game's world based on drawings, writing, or other creations. Characters are also referred to as "adoptables" and are aimed toward being customizable and unique.
We have a tutorial which goes into further detail on how to acquire them and other things related to the game, and are also working on a more extensive guide to common jargon related to this genre of browser-based game.

Anyone of any skill level is encouraged to join and participate! Art RPGs are simply about creating and we do not have skill level requirements for any part of the events or normal gameplay.


NOTE: Though our roots are on DeviantArt, having an account on any supplementary sites outside of realm-of-lyth.com is NOT required to play the game. We have a couple features still tied to the DeviantArt site, but are actively working to move those to realm-of-lyth.com so that DeviantArt is not needed for any portion of the game.

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Week 3 of this event was just released and includes the introduction of some major characters, as well as the ability to make your first major choice in a branching path -- choices made by players will affect their own week 4 prompts, as well as the future of the game's storyline as a whole.


(art for the captain npc by https://www.deviantart.com/buntato)

The storyline is available for anyone to read here, if you're interested in following it! https://realm-of-lyth.com/event/2020/turn-the-tides/story

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