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Looking for programmer/coder for simpler pet site.. - Found!


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Helper found, thank you for reading!


Hi! I am looking for someone to help me set up a site from scratch with some basic pet game framework. I have had some experience with HTML and using the Mysidia Adoptable script, but at the moment I’m stuck in a rut and am looking for someone to help create something I can use. I not the most coding-savvy but am willing to learn/listen and will be available via discord/email etc. I have outlined the basic features I’m looking for and am happy to provide a detailed page list and action list for each page to make it clear what I’d expect from every action/page.

I would be happy with a basic bootstrap look.
This will be a basic design pixel collectible site, not something flash/CSS heavy.

I am currently running the base adoptable idea on a proboards forum: https://pixelponyclub.freeforums.net
It’s a pixel pony collectible game with different coat rarities and the option to train, breed and show your ponies.
If you're interested take a little look and you'll see how manual everything is done at the moment, and also the kind of simple features that already work for the game, so that's what you'd be taking inspiration and direction from.


It only has a small USR base at the moment, and I’m quite happy with it,the USRs all come from old style forum and geociites adoptable backgrounds, so we were used to housing pets on very basic html pages. I’m looking for something with that simple nostalgic feel to it, but with some features to make it a bit more automated in some areas.
I will also be keeping this forum linked up to the site.


[site features]


  • Main currency
  • USR accounts with inventory and pasture
  • Trading enabled between USRs (currency,items,pets)
  • Upgraded USR accounts met by set conditions
  • Pet profiles with health and skill stats that can be affected by training/injuries
  • Lineage data page (simple table with links would do no genetics or %)
  • Training system to improve stats
  • Some basic shops with manually added stock
  • NPC stable locations at which you can rent a stall for your pony
  • Shows that can be created by staff and upgraded USRs, set to run on certain dates (e.g Show Jumping)
  • Explore system with randomised results of differing rarities.
  • (Basic pages, select pony = “Visit the forest?” Yes - “Result! You found nothing, come back tomorrow”)
  • Admin CP to add and edit items/pets/currency


Most of the site would be basic design and text based with the exception of pet and item images, I already have all the images created and can sketch up roughly how I would like the pages to look in photoshop if needed.

I would be looking for a staff/admin interface that allows staff to manually add EACH PET to either a shop or USR pasture, so there’s no auto pet generation done on site. All I need is an admin “create pet” page that allows me to fill in a form of details such as Gender/Breed, insert image URL, select USR, upload to pasture etc.

I know this is unusual but this is for a small community hobby site and some of the pets will be uniquely made, or equipped with decor manually, not auto generated.


Some site inspiration to maybe give you an idea of the scope/scale: DragCave.net, Silvanon’s Painted Unicorns or Nixphe site, Secundi.net and the Mysidia based adoptable sites. Obviously I am not directly asking for a copy of those sites, but I’m hoping it shows that I’m after a smaller scale not something like Flight Rising.

I can pay via PayPal and am willing to look at quotes for this kind of site.
Depending on the quote I may be able to pay half before, half after, or monthly payments depending on the time.

I’m hoping that once the basic shell is up and the interface for adding pets is running that I will be able to upkeep the site myself, so I’m not looking to hire on a permanent basis, but would pay for future help/services again if needed in the future.


I have a current free domain with byethost and have downloaded FileZilla but that’s all I have so far, I don’t want to commit to purchasing a decent domain until I know the project will be started. If you’re happy to take in on please let me know!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to PM me here, or reply with questions.


At the moment my budget is from $200-$300 for transparency.
Happy to discuss payment options, but just to show I do have some kind of price in mind.

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I'm working on a discord that represents every page and function I'd need on the site, so if you were to take on the project you  would be able to access that and each channel would be your ref for the page ideas, I also have roughly mocked up the sort of simplistic design for what I'm looking for, as you can see, something crisp and clean looking, but basic is what I need.


yourland hover.png



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