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How did you find your team?


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Back when I was working on Seripets between 2009 an 2014 I often found people through mutual friends, virtual pet site forums and DeviantArt. This applies to admins, moderators, programmers, artists and writers. It's an all encompassing way of finding people.

Currently I don't have an active team as Seripets is in hiatus and thus not in development just now.
But if I were to get a new team arranged (with some of my original members) I'd probably have a good percentage of people I class as friends/close friends hired as I'd trust them a lot more than people I don't know. I was rather naive back in the day and that caused me to lose money on a few occasions.

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Revan and I were long term players and friends before we purchased Leviathan Myth, and our team consists of other long term players, and/or significant others.

There are seven of us at the moment, Three programmers, two artists, a mod that doubles as a writer, and a second mod who has only been playing for less than a year but we knew them from another site we moderate on.

But all in all I consider us all good friends and I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

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