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A Story Based on Last Google Search


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So, at TGL, we want to encourage creativity, and I was thinking this would be a good start for those that like to write or want to try doing something for fun.


Think about the last thing you searched on Google (or another search engine), and try to remember exactly how it was worded.


Initially, I was thinking that people would write about their last search, but I think it will be more interesting if we write about the last search of the person that posts before us (that way we can really think outside of the box and be introduced to new topics).


I was doing some art, so I looked up a reference: "Bottom of a Lion's Foot."


This will be the title of the "book."


The next person will write a short summary about what the book is about and write a short excerpt of the book involving one of the most exciting scenes from it. Make this as long or short as you want. Then include your book title (last search) for the next person.


Try to be creative and think differently about these topics. If someone gives you the topic "How often to apply sunscreen", you don't have to write an informative book. You can put a twist on it, making it about a monster that blows fire or a teen's dramatic life and dealing with the "burn" of a ruined friendship.


I hope you choose to partake in this with me. It's meant to be fun and lighthearted. You don't need to feel confident in your writing ability to post. These are not meant to be judged. I will try to participate as much as I can.


Here is the first topic again: "Bottom of a Lion's Foot"

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"Bottom of a Lions Foot"

About: A story of pain, suffering, and eventual triumph over a pesky thorn of a bully.


"Stop that right now!" said the young boy of about eight. "Why should I? You can't stop me." exclaimed the teenager, who was already built like a linebacker. "Please, stop." said the young boy.

(About to head out of the door, so had to make it short.)

Next book: "Shades of Orange"

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