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What is your "secret" "get better quick" routine?


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Recently I caught a cold - yay everyone around me having colds.  Today I ended up working from home so that I was able to sleep in longer (an extra 2.5 hours) and then drink hot lemons all day.  All while still working on stuff for work (yay - no sick day used).

What do you normally do to help make yourself better when you catch a cold?

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I use cold medicine to help with the symptoms if they are making it hard for me to function. If you have a sore throat honey in a warm drink (like tea) can help but I think it is the heat more than anything (same if you use theraflu). 

Otherwise, rest if you can and as much as you can with fluids. ❤️

I don't believe in basically any home remedies without science to back it up so I don't think there is a magic cure all xD

My dad however will swear by vitamin C and orange juice (doesn't help at all once already sick other than it's just good to have the stuff). xD

I hope you feel better soon and can get the rest you need!

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