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Kingdom Hearts - Now on XBOX One


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This is literally something I feel like I've been waiting *forever* for.  My brother had a Playstation, but I never really used it, and I never had the original Kingdom Hearts game.  Over the Christmas break, I saw that these were coming out, and now they are finally here :)

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I watched a boyfriend years ago play this with his aunt on one of the play stations, it caught my attention but I never looked into it more (as in, not actively playing it myself).

I am determined to play it though, thanks for mentioning these are out! Time for some decision making. emot-laugh.gif

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I just started playing it tonight, so far I have gotten confused and been like "where do I need to go / what do I need to do" about 3 times, which is pretty sad.  But that could also be because I was only half paying attention to what was going on.

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