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What was your first programming language?


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At work this week, I saw a phone book which then made me start a conversation about old technologies that we used.  The first actual programming language that I used was Visual Basic 6, made a few programs on there with my friends in high school, afterwards we did Java.

How about you?

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Just now, judda said:

@DaRule You use it still frequently? The closest that I get is VBScript in our lovely legacy applications.

Not super frequently, but we have a lot of Excel templates we maintain, so it has its use cases. I try to stay away from it as much as possible though when there is a better solution

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Oh my god, my first programming language was also Visual Basic :0

We had to create a program that allowed clients to order pizzas in an hypothetical pizza shop. No idea what number version it was, but I did this in College back in 2017/18.


It was great fun, if short. Unfortunately IT in our College was mostly boring general computer knowledge and theory...

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