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Frontend and PHP Developer [Available]

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Status: Available
Price: £15 per hour
Contact: business[at]imagine17.com

I have previously worked as a WordPress developer, taking designers ideas from images to fully responsive sites; built on Bootstrap, Foundation or a custom CSS framework. More recently I have also started working with Vue.js to enable a better and more responsive user experience on the frontend. On the backend I have experience working with PHP and the Laravel framework (version 4 and 5).

Current Client(s):
Mystfell - Building the project on Laravel 5.4 with Vue.js and a custom CSS framework.

Fanhaus - A fansite for the YouTube channel Funhaus.

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Dev Log #1

Just added the first of (hopefully) many development logs for building Ghost. With the apparent interest a lot of people showed at the idea of an open-source pet site CMS, I thought it would be a good idea to give it another run. I do prefer building with Laravel rather than a custom framework, so figured I'd stick with Ghost and help out here-and-there with the CMS TGL is building.

Also thought it would be a good idea to update this topic as I expand and work on various projects. Off course the easiest way would be to subscribe to http://imagine17.com to keep up-to-date B)

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