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Artist(s) wanted for concept art and mockups (mobile app)


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I am starting a new project and would like to gain some input from investors. Investors like pretty art and all the things that I'm not capable of doing well ?

The topic is llamas, it will be a mobile app in unity, and it is rather unique in that it's not a pet game.

I am looking for either one or two artists:
Llamas, items - I'm struggling to find a style I want. Not super realistic, though
GUI - make a few mockups of the app's flow and future functionality

You will need to sign an NDA if you choose to work with me. :)

It's been so long since I've tried to hire an artist, I'm sure I'm missing something. Please feel free to ask questions. There are some things I will not be able to talk about, but I'll answer everything that I can!

Thank you :D

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