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Folk of Lore: Kindling


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Folk of Lore is a multiplayer, browser based game which encourages and rewards players for interacting with each other as well as npcs. Begin your journey in a world where dark magic has transformed its inhabitants into cryptids & creatures of folklore. Build your character as a neutral, hero, or antihero, and directly influence the game's story by participating in events and quests. Bond with npcs to unlock hidden dialogue and special  reards. FOLK offers 4 starter races: Lycan, Unicorn, Jackalope, and Kitsune (and one special race, Manticore). Each boast special abilities and magic and/or strength boosts of their own.


Collect cravaries for battle, breeding, and contesting. Bond with your cravaries to strengthen them. You can recieve special items from your cravaries, or trade/sell them to other players. There are a variety of cravaries to unlock and many even have special breedable-only color variants!










And we keep open applications for new artists at our application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeI8OoerRJ6PEL0RwIQPlBIOibnMqxLO8vMYZc762-Dxwx6mA/viewform


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@dracula I just read the newest Patreon post! If you're looking for voice actors, my husband is available. He's never worked for anyone before, but it has been a goal of his to voice act. If you're interested in giving him a try I can pass on his contact information via PM. I know he'd love this project and love to be part of it. He'd likely even be willing to work as a volunteer just to get some experience under his belt.

On an unrelated note... Your discord link has expired! ?

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Thanks @Lucille! We're not actively looking for voice actors just yet but we will need 1 male and 1 female after the animatic is done ? We'll definitely let you know when that is so you can pass along info. We'd need 2 people who are willing to voice act for several videos (including the one mentioned); and maybe some extra official game stuff. A bit early to get into that now, but it'd be more of a long term thing. (Paid, of course!) But it's great to know he might be interested. Might cut our search a bit shorter when we do have to find people.

Also thanks! We need to stay on top of updating the invite link because it keeps expiring no matter what I do. OTL


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When you go to make the link, in that same pop up window there's a spot that says edit. Click that and it will let you choose how long you want the link to last - you can set it to Never. That's usually what I do. :D

Sounds great, you know how to reach me! ❤️

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