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bear's commissions - art & writing


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Hello! Happy to do any sort of art assets for your game, logo, etc. I also do writing! Send me a pm or reach out on discord and we can discuss your project's needs. 

Thank you! 










Writing Samples


I'd be much obliged. She took that as her invitation to make a move, and she approached the icy water. Soraya was well rested, decently fed and entirely healthy - one big heave of her front paws and the ice began to splinter. Two, three, four, and suddenly chunks of ice were floating above freezing cold water. She broke apart a big enough space for the male to dip his leg to get it clean. 

"Clean and try not to move it too much. Rest so the skin and meat can seal itself again." She said, remembering past injuries, her own and others. She squinted her eyes against the snowy wind the buffeted her face. 

"I couldn't just leave you with a wound like that." She would be guilty for it for weeks. "Why not take shelter together? Far more safety in numbers. I can help with food and breaking the ice and keeping watch. I don't know what, or... who caused your injuries, but... Is there a chance they may come looking for you?" She broached the subject as gently as she could. Soraya wasn't exactly a warrior, but she could fight if it came to it.


A beautiful Mexican wolf with long, plush fur in various shades of red, brown and auburn - Irving is a gorgeous boy. He isn't gigantic or particularly muscular, but he makes up for that with his slick personality. His eyes are a gorgeous fiery orange-yellow, complimenting his natural shades well. He walks with confidence and a bit of an upbeat jive. 

Irving is a sweet, sweet fool. Friendly to a fault, he tends to get taken advantage of due to his good nature. He always thinks the best of everyone and every situation, and it's difficult to get on his bad side. To Irving, everyone is a friend unless proven otherwise. He finds himself constantly falling for every female he meets - he'll lay his moves on thick any chance he gets. He desperately would love to be a father and raise his own young ones one day. 

Irving can't handle stressful or serious situations well. In the face of horribleness, Irving crumbles. He tries to do the right thing, but his cowardice will hold him back. Despite it all, Irving follows his moral compass, hard as it may be. 


Items: $5 (& up depending on complexity)

Item Recolors: $1-2 each

Pets/Creatures/NPCs: $35-$75 (depends on style & complexity)

Maps: $75-$250 (depends on style & complexity)

Animated Avatars: $10-20 (depends on style & complexity)

Writing: 6c per word.



discord: Joanna#0325

or PM on TGL. 

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Updated examples, added spoilers.
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