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Breeding System + Newborn Survival Mechanics + Tumblr!


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I think this would be the closest together I've had news posts for a while -- for the same site at least.

The breeding system is now complete for player-to-npc. Player-to-player and npc-to-npc still needs to be worked on, but about 70% of the code would be the same so it's not that much more to do.

After you become mates a breed button appears, and you can get anywhere from 1-5 pups (3-4 being the most common amount). Gestation lasts for 4 IRL days before pups are born, and breeding cooldown lasts 12 IRL days (1 in-game year).


(I have 8 since I forgot to clear the table whoops--)

When pups are born their amount of health will differ between each other. The scale for that is the following:

  • High HP (80-100) - 50%
  • Med HP (50-70) - 30%
  • Low HP (20-50) - 10%
  • Very Low HP (0-20) - 10%

(Not be 100% accurate, I'll make a post asking for help about that in a moment lol)

Through testing, this is what I got:

  • 2 runts (1 with 1% HP)
  • 4 low HP
  • 12 medium HP
  • 13 high HP

Medium HP pups are still considered somewhat healthy, so that's 25 healthy and 6 unhealthy. The 1% pup is likely to die but it could live with some serious luck.

Pups born with very low HP are automatically runts (at the moment, but may keep it that way). The status of a newborn pup (pups under 3 months) update every 6 hours, meaning their health can either rise or drop based on different conditions. At the moment it's only based on health, so pups with high HP have low chances of getting worse, and pups with very low HP have low chances of getting better. When weather/seasons are added, that will also be a factor in a pup's survival (IE: a pup's health is more likely to drop in the winter, regardless of HP). 

To help with survival rates, there will be an item called "Spirit's Blessing" that can be obtained at The Gorge for a sizable amount of SP (probably 200 or so) which raises one pup's health to 100%.

Lastly, we now have a blog on Tumblr! Feel free to follow, and maybe reblog to help spread the word?

That's all the news I have for today! The next news post I hope to make is of the re-styled battle system, hope you guys are excited for it!


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