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Found 8 results

  1. It's time for a new update, and I have quite a few things to show off today! -Site Theme- I designed a brand new theme for the site! The background tiles like it does because of my browser's screenshot extension. It's a single image on the actual site. I'm still in the process of drawing more art to add to the index page, and it still needs some fixing to scale properly on all screens, but other than that the final design is pretty much complete. Further in the future I plan to add a "light mode" for users that don't like darker interfaces. -Stockpile- I finally got around to adding the stockpile. Right now it just shows the rib item as a placeholder image, but in the future it may change depending on the amount currently stored. (So an empty stockpile would show a few scraps, a large stockpile will show a hoard of food) Rather than whole items, the food is stored as "points". A wolf's hunger goes from 0-100, so if your fullness is 80% then 20pts will be taken from the pile. I find this way much simpler and less wasteful than users consuming whole items and not needing the leftover points. (Then I would need to make scraps and all that stuff...I would rather not) When it comes to your personal stash however, you do consume entire food items. Well...almost. If you eat an item from your stash then you will waste any extra points a food item might have had. For example, if you're at 80% and eat an item with a 50pt food value, then 30pts will go to waste. It's much more beneficial to add your food to the pile, but some people will always decide to be greedy. -Pup 2.0- I decided that I wanted to remake the pup art since the old one didn't really capture the feel of a pup. This one is much more cheerful, while the old one looked like a deer in the headlights. While working on this lifestage, I decided to include some limitations. Pups will always have blue eyes and pink noses/paws until they reach 6 months. Once they reach 6 months, they'll show the colors they actually inherited. (for reference, they become adolescents at 1 year) The adolescent will be getting an update as well, but that will be in a later news post. -Content Warnings- I've finalized the content warnings for the site (as it stands). It's similar to Lioden, just without the suggestive/sexual references. The label itself is subject to change due to legal issues it could bring though. It'll most likely change in design before the site opens.
  2. (300 HP for the hare is temporary. It's normally 30 and dies in 1 hit...if you can catch it!) The base hunting system is now complete! While exploring it is possible to find prey. After clicking "chase" it shows the hunting screen. In this screen you have the 4 different moves (with room for more in the future). Depending on your stats and hunting skill each has a chance of success or failure depending on what you use them on. Higher stats affect the success and strength of your attacks, while a higher hunting skill only affects success. So you could have very low attack and not do much damage, but rarely miss if your skill is high enough. The blue bar is your energy, and the prey gets away if you run out. Most prey will also constantly try to escape, so try to bring them down in the quickest way possible! While I haven't added aggressive (and potentially lethal) prey yet, it is possible to lose health, get injured, or die while hunting if the prey retaliates. If things are looking grim, save yourself and give up! While not completely polished (only hare is available, wolf sprite doesn't match character, background is a placeholder), the system itself is complete. Later down the line I'll work on pack hunts, which involves the alpha picking a large target and all those with the hunter rank help bring it down. I'm going to take a break with hunting though, and focus on other features for a while. That's all for this update, and I hope it gets you all excited!
  3. I think this would be the closest together I've had news posts for a while -- for the same site at least. The breeding system is now complete for player-to-npc. Player-to-player and npc-to-npc still needs to be worked on, but about 70% of the code would be the same so it's not that much more to do. After you become mates a breed button appears, and you can get anywhere from 1-5 pups (3-4 being the most common amount). Gestation lasts for 4 IRL days before pups are born, and breeding cooldown lasts 12 IRL days (1 in-game year). (I have 8 since I forgot to clear the table whoops--) When pups are born their amount of health will differ between each other. The scale for that is the following: High HP (80-100) - 50% Med HP (50-70) - 30% Low HP (20-50) - 10% Very Low HP (0-20) - 10% (Not be 100% accurate, I'll make a post asking for help about that in a moment lol) Through testing, this is what I got: 2 runts (1 with 1% HP) 4 low HP 12 medium HP 13 high HP Medium HP pups are still considered somewhat healthy, so that's 25 healthy and 6 unhealthy. The 1% pup is likely to die but it could live with some serious luck. Pups born with very low HP are automatically runts (at the moment, but may keep it that way). The status of a newborn pup (pups under 3 months) update every 6 hours, meaning their health can either rise or drop based on different conditions. At the moment it's only based on health, so pups with high HP have low chances of getting worse, and pups with very low HP have low chances of getting better. When weather/seasons are added, that will also be a factor in a pup's survival (IE: a pup's health is more likely to drop in the winter, regardless of HP). To help with survival rates, there will be an item called "Spirit's Blessing" that can be obtained at The Gorge for a sizable amount of SP (probably 200 or so) which raises one pup's health to 100%. Lastly, we now have a blog on Tumblr! Feel free to follow, and maybe reblog to help spread the word? That's all the news I have for today! The next news post I hope to make is of the re-styled battle system, hope you guys are excited for it!
  4. Throughout its development, Wild Souls has gone through a lot of explore system ideas that were scrapped. The biggest one being the Twine 2 explore system. However, with some help, the final version of the explore system is now functional! If you're in the official discord, you've probably seen this image a lot now: If you choose to attack him, the outcome is based on your strength. If you're strong enough you go to the battle screen, and if you're not you get..well...wrecked. You lose 30 HP, which is a pretty big chunk. When injuries are added, you could also get injured from this. If you manage to fight and kill a smilodon, that is 1 less in the territory. The higher the amount of smilodons, the more at-risk the pack is at smilodon attacks (and the more at-risk pups are if they wander off, and that's not good). It is possible to completely rid a territory of smilodons, so there is incentive for getting rid of them, but they slowly begin to show up again after a while. This is a passive encounter. Sometimes you get items, other times you don't get anything. This is a prey encounter, and you have the chance to catch it for some food. If caught, it goes to your stash. If you have no room in your stash, it goes to the pack stockpile. Currently the only explore biome I'm working on is the taiga. Each biome will have 3 explore areas to start out with (and room for me to add more in the future). I still need to make art and add encounters for the plains, forest, and moorlands. I hope you all enjoyed this update! Don't forget to check in on the Trello Board every now and then for progress. Also check out our Discord! I post frequent dev updates there, so you'll know things before an official news post is dropped!
  5. -"Starfall" Shop- It's been a while, but it's time to introduce the site's one and only shop! After your character dies, you can access the shop to unlock special cosmetics and items. These items don't take up space in your stash, so it's up to you if you want to spend your SP on a few useful items or fresh new kicks cosmetics. It's kind of bare right now, since I haven't finished adding all the items yet. -Registration Windows (for beta stage)- Next, to help with member control during the beta stage (when we eventually get there), I decided to have "registration windows" like Flight Rising and Dappervolk. This is because I'd like to adjust the code at certain member count milestones to make sure game mechanics don't break under the active player count since it is very reliant on those. Ex: prey becoming way too scarce, or packs having waaay more members than expected, worse case scenario the world becomes a barren wasteland and burns through resources faster than it can generate them. -Choosing a Pack- Instead of being random like I originally intended, I've decided to let players choose what pack the want to join when creating a new character: This decision was mainly to give players more control over the challenges they want to face since, as you can see, they vary from territory to territory. I wanted them to truly feel different, instead of just the same location with a different skin. Each has pros and cons, so one isn't inherently better than the other. Creating your own pack isn't there, because it won't be an option until later in development (around late alpha, early beta). ...Aaannnd that's it for today's update!
  6. First things first, the wolf creator demo is here! Some of the markings don't cover the body like they should, which is my bad. It'll get fixed eventually, but unfortunately I saved every image before I realized the issue so I have to spend time fixing it manually and that'll take a while. Eventually I'll the markings will have all the same colors of the bases (excluding special ones like ember and spiritus), rather than just white, black, red, and blue. Now for the smaller news. Wolves will now like different items to add some more personality to them. So it isn't too much of a guessing game when it comes to gift giving, wolves with the same personality will generally like the same things. There are also rare items that everyone likes, so those are always good to find if you want to really impress them. Next, I started the artwork for the items and added your status bars to the top of the site: It hasn't been implemented yet, but space in your stash is limited and each type of item takes up a certain amount of space. When hunting small prey you have the choice of either adding it to the pack stockpile (where it can feed everyone) or tucking it away in your stash (a.k.a your inventory) if you have space. Larger prey, like deer and whatnot, take up tons of space so you naturally won't be able to stash away a lot of them. Maybe one if you have other items, or two if your stash is empty. Your stash can only be expanded once, so sadly you will not be able to hoard every item you find Finally, I made more progress with exploring: Exploring will drain your energy by 5 for every time you move, and it is the main way you find items. Prey can also be found in explore, but the mechanics for hunting have yet to be finished, so the "chase!" button does nothing yet. That's it for this update. I hope this gets you all excited for the game! View full news
  7. While working on the sign-up process on Wild Souls, I got to thinking about the flow of the game overall. Here's how the basically goes: Standard registration stuff Choose how you would like to start a game Pup (easy mode) (free SP cost) You start in a pack and are able to absorb all sorts of knowledge from the older wolves that teach and protect you. Great for beginners Adult in pack (normal? mode) (moderate SP cost) You start in a pack, but you immediately have to take on the tasks of being a subordinate rank. Not so good for beginners, since slipping up too much could lead to you getting expelled from the pack and becoming a loner. You can read the documentation, but the other wolves expect you to know your smarts already. Adult loner (hard mode) (high SP cost) You start with nobody else to help care for you, which means you need to find food and shelter all on your own. You need to know your stuff to survive like this. Blahblahblah play the game. Forge friendships, hunt, live, etc. Eventually die, either of old age or getting unlucky and dying early. Then...rinse and repeat. You accumulate "Spirit Points" (or SP) throughout your life and at the end you get to spend them on perks, markings, colors, etc. that you can use in the next one. Users who get special codes can have enough SP at sign-up to pick any difficulty from the start. The one thing with this system is that you're basically "soft resetting" each time you die. Kind of like a New Game+. You're only upgrading yourself. Your pack and any wolves you knew remain in the world, but they no longer know you since well, you're a new person essentially. This also means that if your wolf has pups and they start a new game, you are no longer related to them unless you spend SP to play as one of them. Wild Souls does have real-time elements, and users can spend a long time with one wolf if they're careful and healthy (still planning the timescale, 1 day = 1 month atm), but that would make it that much harder to let go and start new when you're basically resetting your progress to move up the ladder with stronger, more capable wolves. It can also be rage-inducing, since I can see people getting upset if they up and die from an injury, starvation, illness, battle, whathaveyou; but you can't please everyone I guess. Any feedback on this general setup? What are some things you think would work, or what needs to be improved?
  8. I'm about to start working on the explore feature for Wild Souls, and I wanted it to be where the user can discover new areas. There would be an image map where the places you haven't been to are greyed out and marked with "???", and you can't fast-travel to them until you discover it. The things is, I'm not sure which would appeal to people more: You follow certain steps and you'll end up in another area, along the way you run into stuff. Straight-forward. Good for mapping out certain events in certain places. Rare or secret places become not-so-hidden with user created guides. Clicking the "explore" button won't send you in any given direction, it just makes makes stuff happen (think lioden's explore system). You're more likely to stumble upon common areas, and rare or well hidden areas will have a low chance of appearing, and will be harder to find.
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