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Shop preview + other things


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-"Starfall" Shop-

It's been a while, but it's time to introduce the site's one and only shop!


After your character dies, you can access the shop to unlock special cosmetics and items. These items don't take up space in your stash, so it's up to you if you want to spend your SP on a few useful items or fresh new kicks cosmetics. It's kind of bare right now, since I haven't finished adding all the items yet.

-Registration Windows (for beta stage)-

Next, to help with member control during the beta stage (when we eventually get there), I decided to have "registration windows" like Flight Rising and Dappervolk. This is because I'd like to adjust the code at certain member count milestones to make sure game mechanics don't break under the active player count since it is very reliant on those. Ex: prey becoming way too scarce, or packs having waaay more members than expected, worse case scenario the world becomes a barren wasteland and burns through resources faster than it can generate them.

-Choosing a Pack-

Instead of being random like I originally intended, I've decided to let players choose what pack the want to join when creating a new character:


This decision was mainly to give players more control over the challenges they want to face since, as you can see, they vary from territory to territory. I wanted them to truly feel different, instead of just the same location with a different skin. Each has pros and cons, so one isn't inherently better than the other. Creating your own pack isn't there, because it won't be an option until later in development (around late alpha, early beta).


...Aaannnd that's it for today's update!

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