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Artist For Hire [Currently Open]

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Hey everyone!
My name is Tony, and I'm currently open for commissions. 

I can do a wide variety of work and styles, including backgrounds, humans, animals, graphics, and more.

Feel free to take a look at my work, and if you like what you see, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Thanks for your time!

My Website

Backgrounds and Atmospheric Pieces



Rendered/Painterly Animals

UploadableDalia.thumb.png.a3d8f816c2a01ae6a5457ed987e878f8.png gristleuploadable_by_jwatkinsart-dcauf9t.png madmatriarch_by_jwatkinsart-dcalzxl.png 

uploadablelanai_by_jwatkinsart-dcd4mup.png zombearfinisheduploadable_by_jwatkinsart-dc06yxb.jpg


Cartoon Animals

EniviAnimatoin.gif.4231e7d0162e8118d63a31822c7604da.gif Layka.thumb.png.fa194127233b770dcc1a0f76fc236905.pngMadamFrizEl.thumb.png.2163a676916a3b176ea481a12930f6ba.pngMossyJoe.png.e4ae9a1e4962b12eb02c86eaf7928f96.png


A Few Logos


warlordsw.png.fa29785967efcfa91cf9dba8b0aadd41.png (Warlords Icon to go with it)





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