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MIA: koafox


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So it's probably too early to assume koafox is MIA but I've been waiting on them to contact me back and haven't had a response yet. They were last seen here on May 13th. I paid them on May 17th for some coding they did for me. I never got the coding and am now wondering if anyone has a contact for them? They seemed really polite and even showed WIPs of the project before saying it was complete. I managed to dig up an email but haven't got a response that way either. Maybe it's outdated or something?


EDIT: As it turns out, koafox just got locked out of their TGL account and had been trying to contact an email I hardly use anymore. I never got the messages due to some technical error, but we've resolved the issue :)

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Yeah I hired her to work for my site last year, then one day she just stopped responding with no warning.  Never heard from her again.  Turned out that some of the work I'd previously paid her for also ended up being lost because it wasn't committed to git so was overwritten at some point.  Hope you have better luck than me!

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