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What Makes a Quest System Fun?

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What do you enjoy doing for quests and what makes them really grab you? Any examples of really fun quests (doesn't need to be pet site specific)? 

What don't you like to see or do for a quest system?

I've played a lot of games with questing and really enjoyed it, but when I think about pet sites tend to think the generic fetch item quests, which can be fun, but in the past had normally meant using the user shop search to find the cheapest one, buying it and turning it in. So no real game play or exploration going on. It's really just a means to an end, which is the reward.

In general quests I do like tend to be part of the game play experience and encourage exploration of the world. For instance with Skyrim there are a lot of quests that are about going into locations and fighting. So exploring the world, sometimes leading to cool discoveries or rewards outside the actual quest reward. Some of them at the core are pretty much fetch item quests, but it's a specific item at a specific location, so you can't really bypass it by fast traveling to town and just purchasing it, you have to go through the location and find it. 

Anyone else have thoughts on quests and likes or dislikes with them?

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I loved the old party quests from Maplestory. They required you to have a party of ~6 players, they were timed and separated into stages. Players HAD to work together to complete the different challenges/puzzles each stage presented, thus communication was necessary, often especially from the party leader whose job was more complicated. Now I don't know how feasible it would be to incorporate something like a party quest into a pet browser game and I've never truly seen it done before, but some of my most beloved memories in gaming has been doing these quests with friends and other players.

The most common problem I have with quests (especially repeatables) in browser games today is often the rewards aren't worth the effort, so after a while I end up never touching them again. I wouldn't mind seeing more engaging quests and quests that give unique rewards such as unlocking other features of the site or achievements, either. One game I'm currently active on, Flight Rising, could seriously benefit from using their lore to create quest lines and show us more of their world.


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