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Launching Today: World of Eniv

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Today is the big day! The ARPG I've been working on, World of Eniv, is finally going live.
We've got accounts on 
DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, and our official website here.


What is World of Eniv?

World of Eniv is a fantasy-based ARPG and community revolving around the Enivi, magical hybrids between cervids, canines, and kirin. 
These magical creatures have primarily lived peaceful lives, but the desire to explore and learn about their world could change that.

Join us for monthly events, discovery, questing, and a lot of fun!



What Can I Do in World of Eniv?

We're just opening, but there's already a lot to do. 
You can either adopt an Enivi today, or start earning one by drawing images of the existing characters.
Once you have your Enivi, you'll be able to battle, train, roleplay, customize your Enivi, and go on random quests.




What Makes World of Eniv Unique?

Our goal with World of Eniv is to keep the ARPG side of things active with monthly events and plot lines. Community engagement isn't required, but it does help drive the game.
There will be areas to explore, boss battles, and treasure to be found. 

While we explore Eniv, we know it's also important to take care of the offline world we live in as well. We'll also be doing regular charity events and educational plotlines to help everyone remember that we need to care for our world, and all the living things living in it.

We're also striving to form a comfortable, accepting environment for artists of all ability ranges, from the beginner hobbyist, to the advanced professional. We want everyone to feel safe posting their World of Eniv-related art. We accept both visual and literary work in our events, and both earn points within the game. 



How Do I Join?

Joining is easy! 
All you need to do is follow one of our Official Accounts and start taking part in the game. When you've earned your first Crystal, adopted your first Enivi, or found your first item, your account will be created for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ, or to reach out to us. We'll be happy to lend a hand.



We hope we'll see you around!

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Hey good job on releasing your site! 

Does the A in ARPG stand for art or something? Would be good to explain that somewhere for people not familiar.

Edit: Finally see it listed on the 'Game Vision' page. I checked FAQ and Game to Eniv and couldn't find it. I think it'd be beneficial to add information on these pages for those who aren't gamilar with the genre. 

Anyway things look nice, the main thing is just a lot of confusion on what I am being presented with. 

It seems there is not really user accounts, but instead the Eniv are purchased by contacting you in some way, and sending money through something like paypal, then it's manually added to the site? I guess you update the accounts manually too. But I didn't really see how you 'start taking part in the game' by following the listed accounts. All I am seeing on them is links back to your site. Which does have some information, but for people like me without prior ARPG knowledge, it's still a bit unclear.

I am probably not your target audience anyway since I don't have time to draw or write short stories, but just wanted to point out some of the confusion so it could be addressed and you could potential reach a larger audience.


Note: I noticed your deviant art group link on the contact page is broken.

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