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Looking for a Project

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Hey everyone!

So my life has -finally- settled down and most of my major projects have wrapped up so I'm looking for a new one to jump into! For those who don't know me or my background I'm a developer with over 10 years of coding experience. I prefer primarily to work with PHP and Laravel. My current job is in web application development where I'm the lead developer. 


I'm looking for either an established project(close to or already launched) that I could join long term or to partner up with someone who would do or fund the artwork for a project. 


Just shoot me a message if you're interested but please don't be offended if I'm not interested in a project, I'm really looking for something I can dedicate years of my life towards. :) 

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I would be interested in a longterm coding partner after my last 2 flaked on me. I am happy to pay for work and for art (actually have bought a few pieces of art already and the artist is happy to do more!) I've got the domain sorted and a large document detailing aspects of the site and happy to discuss anything that might pop up when you're coding. I just... need someone to code it haha. I was hoping to get some form of demo up by the end of the year but sadly I doubt that now....

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