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Seeking Quote from Programmer


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I'm looking for a quote from a reliable programmer for a site/app that includes a mix of pet site and social media aspects.

The coding completed I would need would be;

  • A secure log-in and account creation
  • A password reset 
  • A pet-site style inventory and trading system (for both items and "pets")
  • A private messaging system
  • Profiles that show a bio, an avatar, an achievements section, an option to send them a message or friend the user.
  • The ability to search for users by their name.
  • The ability to upload an avatar (100x100px) and edit a text bio.
  • A "friending" feature
  • A "Share" feature (to share another user's post on your own profile)
  • A pet-site style currency system (no games or earning, all manually added)
  • One store for people to purchase items with digital currency, wherein the staff members could add, remove, and "bundle" items, as well as set prices or discounts. 
  • A back-end wherein staff could easily add items to the database, and to a user's inventory, as well as adding currency to a user, and manually added 'achievements' to their bios. 
  • The ability to ban or suspend users, edit bios, and reset avatars to a default setting
  • A system that alerts staff when particular words or phrases are being used

If anything is unclear, just let me know. I'm not a programmer, I'm an artist haha.

This is a project that I would be looking to start within the next few weeks. No offense, but I'm not looking for free programmers or profit shares as I've had people disappear in the past, and I'd really like to see this completed. I may consider trading art for coding, but either way, I'd like something in writing so we're both getting what we expect. For samples of my work, just message me. I'm pretty sure @Pepper-Head will vouch for me. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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