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  1. Looks like Carlos got it back up and running in the last couple of days. Unfortunately it doesnt have all the old content, but still.. its back! :O https://www.virtualpetlist.com/
  2. The Jester is now available for you to complete quests for!The Jester awards exclusively gold and requests toys that he ends up losing when he leaves them around the Castle.. Perhaps Curio can help?Visit Now
  3. @Mobotropolis This is EXTREMELY valuable feedback, with valid critique and pointers where things can be improved. I really appreciate this, thank you! I'll let you know when we have resolved many of the issues
  4. Hey all, i figured I would throw up a quick update here. The trajectory and angle of The Lost Fable has changed considerably recently, and therefore I have decide to team up with @Claws (We co-created IcePets) to push the contents of this project into something even bigger and better! The new project that that this is being used for is now called Project Petsite. You can follow our updates at: Discord: http://www.ProjectPetsite.com/discord Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ProjectPetsite And we are expecting to start testing with users feedback early in 2019 ? Thanks Nate
  5. -no longer applicable-
  6. Congratulations! Good Luck with it!
  7. Hi TGL, More TLF updates are now available. In last weeks update I gave some more insight into markets, market stalls and "advertising stock": TLF Update #17: Markets - Sponsored Stores and Advertisements I followed this up a few days later with the latest release notes released to the internal testing server: Release 0.2.1 - Markets are Finished And today I have posted this weeks update where I'm giving some explanation and justification on using dual-currencies on TLF: TLF Update #18: The value of a Secondary Currency in Virtual Pet Sites (Note: The links are external links to my game's development forum - they should open in a new tab/window by default).
  8. Hi TGL, TLF Update #16 is now available. I'm explaining the new back pack updates described in the release notes. Link to the news update Link to the release notes (Note: The links are external links to my game's development forum - they should open in a new tab/window by default).
  9. Hey all, As promised in my previous update, I'm sticking to try and post on a weekly basis going forward. This is TLF Update #15, where you can see a short video of me using the Quick Stock functionality (Disclaimer: No Audio!). While developing it, I tried to make it require the least amount of clicks possible when moving items from one place to another . I have planned the ability to "undo" your clicks (if you misclick or change your mind), however that is something for future development. Link (Note: The link is an external link to my game's development forum - this should open in a new tab/window by default). Any suggestions on how to make this even better, please let me know! (I'm already considering changing both dropdowns into horizontal icons.. meaning one LESS click, haha.)
  10. Definitely going to be launching The Lost Fable in 2018. Development has come really far since I stepped back from TGL back in May, but it's going to be worth it
  11. Yeah I am aware, however the ability to register on the temporary forum is irrrelevant and pointless, so for now I’m just going to leave it as a temporary blog platform for the updates, and possibly open registration again closer to release.
  12. Hey all, TLF Update #13 was posted a while back - Link (although is NOT related to TLF.. buuuut links to a YouTube video with me in it OMG) and I just posted TLF Update #14 which is a long generic "end of year update" on the status of things - Link (Note: These links are external links to my game's development forum - this should open in a new tab/window by default) EDIT: PS, I've disabled forum registering. Waaaay too many bots.
  13. Howdy, thought I would drop by! How old you are. 29 years old What your gender is. Im a guy. Where you live (can be general or exact). Worcestershire, England, UK What you do / What you are studying. During the day I am a Software QA Test Lead. I basically test software produced by my company (My daughter things I literally break computers with my bare hands for a living). At night I am batman. JK, I actually have 4 home-projects (one of which is thelostfable.com) on the go and a business start up with a friend, so my life generally is pretty hectic lol. How many pets (and/or) kids you have. 2 Kids age 10 and 8 and a Cat who is like a 3rd child
  14. Thank you! Ive been doing more lurking recently and definitey was not a fan of the new platform. And yes! I have my adoptable back!!! Good news :-)
  15. Hey TGL! Another update for TLG is some more detail on specifically the management of your User Shop/Market Link here (This links to an external site and should open in a new tab). We're looking at opening to a few people to test it out in the coming months, so watch this space to find out how to register for that. -Nate
  16. Hey all, Just dropping in to let you know I just posted update #11 where I give a small preview of the Trade System. Link here (As per usual, this is an external link and should open in a new tab/window) ~Nate
  17. Trello is a really amazing project management program that is free to use and works seamlessly across most platforms (iOS, Android, all modern browsers). It works with multiple people in teams and allows you to filter to the tasks that are important to you. The best part is that it is super flexible - it could be used for managing tasks in your daily life, such as chores or shopping lists, or can be used for multi-tiered development. There are 3 main terminologies that are used for using Trello. They are Boards, Lists and Cards. Boards Once you have created your Trello Account you will be able to create your first board. A board is a collection of all your data and todo items. You'll probably just need to create one, however Trello lets you create as many as you want. I would recommend to just create one for each project you're working on. If you have multiple projects, your board might look something like the below image. You may notice that I have multiple boards. I have one for a Client I'm currently working on, one for my Youtube so I know what I'm doing and when, and one for the development of my game. I've also created an Example Board to use for this Guide: Lists A list is a container within your board that holds multiple cards. You might use a list to separate "Dave's Work", "Aimee's Work" and "Claudette's Work", or perhaps you could have a list for each place you need to visit today, such as "Groceries List", "Family to Visit", "Clothes I need to buy"... For this guide we will have "Todo", "In Progress" and "Completed" :- Cards You can see on the image above that the lists have white todo-items in each list with a little description. Each white entity is called a "Card". While it may looks very very simple, and it can be used in a very simple way, it can actually get extremely details once you get into the nitty gritty.. however the detail is completely optional! Clicking on a Card brings up a view that allows you to customise it, such as assign that card to someone else (more on that later), label it (and give it a fancy color), give it a description, a due date and more. Each Card also has a comment-chain, so discussions on that particular item can take place within the card itself. The best part is that the cards can be moved between lists simply by dragging them.. Clicking on a card brings up this interface: There are all sorts of customisation options available, so let's go ahead and fill in some details for the battle arena. - Description - We'll give it a better description so we know what we're planning to do. - Members - I'll click members then my name to assign the ticket to me. My initials "NW" (or my profile photo if i have one set) will then appear. Multiple people can be assigned to a Card, and anyone can assign anyone. - Due Date - We want this completed in a reasonable fashion, so we will set a realistic due date. - Attachment - We dont have any attachments, however ANY file can be attached to a Card. There, this looks much better: You'll notice in the background that the card we created called "Code the Battle Arena" has had it's white area within the list updated. This allows you to have more detail at a glance of your entire board, and not have to click on a card to see who it is assigned to, or when it is due. You could also add a Checklist to your card which updates depending on how complete it is, and also shows progress on the list detail. I've created a checklist of items for creation for the NPC Shops. I then clicked "Attachment" to show the attachment dialog. Following that, I uploaded the drawn (hehe) bananas, and checked bananas off the list. You'll see the card gets updated in the open-view and on the list-view also. The last thing I'm going to share information on is Labels. Labels are a way to "tag" cards as belonging to a particular group to help stay organised. You can customise the color and the name of labels and apply as many as you would like to as many cards as you like; This allows you to have very organised and detailed Lists, such as: Which can then be filtered by label, by member, or by date: There are many, many other things on Trello, however those are the Core functionality. Let's not even start on Power Ups which can be used to integrate Trello into many different platforms. I would definitely recommend Trello, and if you do decide to start using it, please go via this link which will give me a referral :- https://trello.com/natewiggett1/recommend Please let me know what you think, and if this guide is helpful. Any questions, post them here and I will add them to this post with their answer View full guide
  18. The Games Clubs closed down to make way for the games directory.
  19. This is great news. Teripets was one of the vpet sites that I spent most of my time on in the past haha.
  20. TLF Update #9 is now available where I give some detail on Content Packs! Link here (Note: This is an external link to my game's development forum - this should open in a new tab/window by default)
  21. Haha yeah definately. I think there are many many tweaks to be made to it lol I think overall, the main things to change are the speeds that the player moves and the speed increase for getting the boost. The game 'freezes' the character when you 'die' purely because once I implement it into my game there would normally be a friendly popup at that point to tell you your score etc. I probably should have mentioned that haha Thanks for the feedback, will definately take your points when i go back to start modifying it :D:D
  22. I decided to try my hand at cropping in HTML5 and somehow ended up creating this: http://thelostfable.com/html5game2/ W and S for up and down. Collect the blue guy to increase your vertical speed. My highest score is 350 lol. Thoughts? Now to go back to the previous game to develop it further haha
  23. TLF Update #8 is now available where I preview some of the messaging functionality of The Lost Fable. Link here (Note: This is an external link to my game's development forum - this should open in a new tab/window by default)
  24. I just want to thank everyone for your positive feedback, it means alot to me I will keep you updated when I have developed it further
  25. What.the.hell... I took ages training up a magikarp and battling with it... i finally got back to the leader by skipping them alll... then a freaking pidgeotto comes and takes it. smh <deletes app>
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