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  1. If these games want to be relevant, I think going mobile might be more of a necessity than it used to be, or at the very least, there will need to be some more drastic changes. The nostalgia factor can hold some people over who've played before, but if people want to reach out to younger audiences who are only used to tablets and phones, either being super mobile friendly or having an app would be a requirement. Clearly slow moving games are successful, so the drag of pet sites versus more active games doesn't have to be a negative. Games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are extrem
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head for the main issue. They're boring. I'm not sure how well people understand the importance of having a dedicated social media manager versus an RSS reader. Things I would love to see if I was into a pet game on their socials: sneak peeks/previews, jokes or in-game references, mentions of the community, showcasing special features/pets/items, Q&A sessions, etc. Keeping the news updates is fine, but have some more variety in between. I think looking at bigger media corporations will help give ideas over 'best practices'. Advice I've heard,
  3. Oh WOW your work has improved a lot! Gorgeous, best of luck finding work
  4. @Angel Well, no one hires right off the bat from randomly finding someone online. Social media is just an opportunity to be discovered, then things can go from there. I don't need to ask, I've seen several posts on Twitter of people mentioning it. Though that in particular was back when the whole "how fanart got me hired" thing was trending. Feel free to Google search to read some stories, there are a lot of really cute ones Also sorry for the delayed reply, this forum didn't email me about your response D:
  5. I honestly don't know one professional artist (and I mean Western comic artists, mangakas, video game artists, etc) that /don't/ have an Instagram. I've searched up random professionals online and often the first link that comes up is their Instagram. I'm also always hearing stories about how artists have gotten jobs from Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc. Social media is a huge deal in our world nowadays, and companies realize that. Not only are they using it to look at their potential applicants to see if you're a safe hire, they're finding new employees through it. And why not? It's so easy now.
  6. It's given to you automatically in your mailbox, @Corleone
  7. They've started their Christmas event today! Go get your free santa hat
  8. It has quite a few differences. Granted, I'm only familiar with the older games, not New Leaf. You run your own campsite. You do favors/requests by collecting items. You have no control over what gear you use (fishing pole, net, shovel) since they're based on location. (In certain spots, you can fish, so it automatically gives you a fishing pole.) There's crafting with furniture for your camper (your 'house') and your campsite. Certain animals require certain furniture. You still have loans, but they're more optional and not forced upon you. (You can upgrade at your leisure.) There's some
  9. @WinterBlues WOW you've improved a LOT since I last saw your art Awesome job!
  10. Unless you have some sort of game in beta, odds are you won't have a successful Kickstarter. I've seen many attempted crowdfundings by various pet/sim games and most all of them failed in one way or another. Same with other games or other non-game related projects. People are more distrusting now that Kickstarter has built up a reputation of funded projects never being completed. People are wary with how they spend their money and need to be absolutely certain beyond shadow of a doubt that the campaign will not only be a success, but that the founder will complete the project in a timely manne
  11. This is another old guide of mine that I've spruced up a bit. -- Moderators are an important aspect to any company, that includes pet site games! They're the face of your business, the ones dealing directly with your userbase and customers. They're the ones keeping everything safe and organized for your players. They uphold the rules and regulations of the game, dish out any necessary punishments, and help keep you sane. They keep the site's community strong and held together, leaving you with focusing on building the site to be even bigger and better. Unfortunately, most pet si
  12. I keep finding old stuff, haha. An old item tutorial I made for a croissant I also posted another thread that focused on coloring if you'd like to see a different style of shading. View full guide
  13. Two step by step walkthrough examples of how I cel shaded items. The art is a little dated, but the method I use is still similar and this should still be helpful regardless. The important thing is to keep in mind light source and to have it be consistent throughout the item, it's varying forms, etc. View full guide
  14. Super old, but still might be helpful to someone?? View full guide
  15. (To be fair, this is an old guide I typed a while ago, though I went through it and fixed it up a bit.) I figured I'd post a 'How to Get Started in VP World' guide-esque. This will mainly contain my thoughts on what I feel are most needed to get started in making your own virtual petsite. You are welcome to reply with your own thoughts or ideas on how to get /started/. (Just the very early beginning stages). So, I see you are interested in starting your own petsite or game? Well, the first thing you should do is ask yourself some questions. Do you have the time to make a virtual petsi
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