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  1. Awesome! Keep up the good work!
  2. I used to use MyAdopts, as well as MyVirtualPetSite, so I'd be interested in another one coming up! Following the thread to keep up.
  3. They're so cute! Can't wait to adopt one of these little crystal kitties!
  4. Well, for me it wasn't entirely by choice. I bought a species of adoptables from someone, and they were called Sugar Foxes. I just ran with it.
  5. World's first blockchain-powered education platform with scholarships https://t.co/dpzsN3ovKU #education #blockchain #ICO via @bitdegree

  6. I'm in! Sugar Fox Party (the server for Sugar Foxes): https://discord.gg/NPyJe9n
  7. Hi there! Sugar Foxes Admin here, with some big news! Starting today, there will be a premium currency, known as Chocolate Coins! There aren't any uses for them as of yet, but soon there'll be: Fancy fox breeds (Winged, Kitsune, etc.) Custom Fox Coins (To make your own sweet critters) Premium items (to decorate your fox, make them stronger, etc.) And more! View full news
  8. The technical issues have been fixed! Welcome back, Sugar Foxes!

  9. Followed both of you! https://www.instagram.com/mahikagram/ Named after my fursona. But it's empty so far.
  10. (Redacted, saw who made the post.)
  11. Actually, yes. I'm starting at a community college in September, and I'm honestly excited! Taking math, psych, and my favorite: Drawing!
  12. Personally, I use eHost. When I signed up, coupons appeared after waiting a bit, and applying them gave me an incredibly deep discount.
  13. It's so cute! I might find myself adopting one...
  14. Same here. I can only get on once a day. It's weird, and I hope it gets fixed soon.
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