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  1. That's pretty cool. Did you ever launch it or a game like it?
  2. GDPR Compliance

    Curious to hear what others have to say as well. This is all a bit reminiscent of the 2257 thing that shook the adult industry in the early 2000's. Suddenly there were requirements that you had to have ID records on file for every "model" that appeared on your page, even in ads. Tons of confusion, and industries popping up to take advantage. In the end, IIRC, it settled out to be more practical than onerous. I'm hoping to see similar here, as I think this is more aimed at protecting users from the big data mining companies that abuse the data than someone storing information useful to manage the user's account. I imagine if they close their account, you may have to remove some info, but if they purchased things from you for example, then I'd hope you are within right to store that transaction info -- so long as you aren't selling/sharing it.
  3. Hi all, wrapping up an event for St Patrick's day. I have a forest map (top-down view) and have some grass and colorful bushes, but the tree assets that I have are kind of drab for what's supposed to be spring (see top left): Hoping to get some brighter green trees. Some multi-tile like the partial drab tree top in the top left (each tile is 200x200) and some single tile ones. PayPal only and looking to have it done by Wednesday so I have time for changes. If interested, please shoot a PM. Thanks!
  4. The website and FB is a little sparse on info. Sounds intriguing, where can I read more?
  5. Utterly amazing work
  6. Vero: New Social Media

    Sorry, I must have given the impression that it was a problem for me. It's not. I know how to find what I want on FB (including changing the order of posts -- which don't actually stick btw, which is another complaint folks have). I haven't found much I like so far on Vero other than the interface, simply explaining why folks don't like algorithmic timelines since that was the discussion. Have you tried Vero?
  7. Vero: New Social Media

    Facebook, the largest social network in existence is the place you hear the biggest gripes. Twitter does it a bit too, but they have a discovery problem.
  8. Vero: New Social Media

    Algorithms are great for casual use, but many folks really just want to see things in order. I bet it's a big selling point for many -- though, like anything, it's not for everyone.
  9. More free item artwork?

    Needed a bottle for a spirit I had, so modified your jar for the use! Thanks
  10. Group Mentions

    Fair enough. I will disable notifications for now.
  11. Group Mentions

    As an aside, it would be nice to have a separate setting for notifications when a group is tagged vs you directly. I'd like to get emails if someone directly mentions me, but not if someone tags the whole group.
  12. Any game mechanic gurus?

    Building is easy (for me anyway), but what's always troublesome is balancing he economy and game mechanics in general. Anyone here excel in that area?
  13. Kellaymarie's Artwork

    Hey Kellay, shot ya an email
  14. I've had success on DA, but thanks for these links, I'll try there as well in the future.

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