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  1. I already use this exact type of table for my rpg that allows collecting pets, but players get only one of each and in the end complete a collection of pets they can swap out for stats to their players, but the collection system will limit how many individual pets each player has. I've seen pet sites where players can have over 50k pets, won't one table of this bog down the DB? I've never run a game with that many things in one table so I have no clue. This is why I'm looking for insight.
  2. What would be the best way to structure a database so that users can have large numbers of pets, especially when you have stats attached to individual pets? I could see this getting really unwieldy over time and would love to learn strategies for handling this in a scaleable way.
  3. I don't see myself going back to VPL. It's hard to trust that it won't go down again. I'm also not a fan of what Silver-Brick went through (I'm a Mysidia Adoptables forum member and saw what was posted there), taking advantage of a kid like that. I'm grateful to the leader and mods here for keeping the community together and will stick by this one.
  4. Will this be updated to PHP 7.3 at some point? My development environment uses 7.2, and my hosting uses 7.3 so I'm hoping this will be updated so I can finally try Mysidia again.
  5. My game Dragon Lord is a very niche text based PBBG so it's not very active. I get a few players every now and then, but text based games are a thing of the past. I created it years ago to learn PHP, and it runs on shared hosting so cost is very minimal. I make no money and keep it online because I still enjoy running it and interacting with the occasional refugee that wanders in to give it a try. I use Google Adsense, but other than that, there is no cash shop or way to make money at the moment. I feel like I don't have anything to offer that's worth charging people for. When I do get
  6. I did try Codoforums once for the SSO, but it ran so slow that I gave up on it. I don't know if it has been optimized since then.
  7. I'm so glad someone has decided to take this up. I hope you got HOF's permission though as he owns the original script. I've waited for years for him to do something with this as it is currently unusable to me with all the e-notices and crap. I also like that you will be commenting the code which will help people like me who are not saavy with OOP programming.
  8. Good to know how the new forum sections work for games. I'll have to see if I can dig my game thread up from one of them, I did have a forum thread for it at some point. My game is Dragon Lord, a RPG where you are a dragon (link in my sig). It's not a pet game per se, but dragons can collect companions which are basically pets (they don't breed, and you can't have more than one of each type, but you can collect them, level them up, bring one with you, and they add to the dragon's stats in the same manner as weapons and armor). It's really an ameteur's hobby, but it has kept me sane through
  9. Sorry I haven't been active. I started an internship in January, and recently just finished school and am now in the process of graduating. It's been difficult for me to keep up with my hobbies, and many of the games I play even got sidetracked. I still have my little RPG game up that I'm running, but the spring event ended up going an extra month because I haven't had time to work on it, and I've only now begun my next update (finally). I understand that you have to maintain costs for your server, trust me, I understand that all too well. It was nice having advertising for my game, and t
  10. Jackalope Hunting Festival!Every spring the jackalopes overbreed, and it is up to the Dragon Lords to reduce the population and keep the ecosystem of our world healthy. You will find jackalopes not just in the area around Hatchery Lair, but all over the map! Each jackalope you kill will add to your score, and as you reach certain numbers, the nature spirits will grant you a special jackalope companion that is different than the others. These special jackalopes have different colors, and they go through their stages at different levels. Some of them will be valuable companions in the mid to hig
  11. Because my game is more of an RPG than a pet game, I decided to give players a random chance at finding pets while exploring the map during their quests and monster fighting. If the random chance ticks, then a random pet is pulled from the pet table that is within the player's level requirements for that pet. Because I wanted to keep the focus simple, a pet is automatically added to the player's pet list if they get one. If they already have that pet, then they don't need to add another one (you only get one of each because there is no trading of pets, pets help you in battle only). If it'
  12. My goal is to add more events, features such has hidden areas to discover while exploring, and of course lots of art to my text based RPG Dragon Lord. While being text based means that art is not necessary, as an artist, I want it to be there. I want to give the game a unique, sketch book like feel and not have perfect cookie cutter type images. I want players to feel like they have stepped into a story from an old book. I think games with non-typical art could be a unique approach to gaming. Games like the platformer Limbo have proven this. I think some other goals I have are to wor
  13. I'm working on NPC art for my RPG game Dragon Lord. Here is Shinies the Raven, who gives out a daily quest to collect a shiny for him:
  14. I would love to help, but I will be heavily involved in an internship starting next month to the middle of April. Is there a chance to sign on later?
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