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Artist for Hire (Limited openings)

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Hello everyone!

My name is Ellie, and I am currently a Concept Artist student. I am proficient in 2D, 3D and pixels. 

I am currently avaliable for some commission work! At this time I am only opening 1-2 spaces, but once those are done I will reopen. I am looking to fill my portfolio up with art pieces/jobs. I am happy to work long-term or short-term for you - whichever suits. 


ArtStation - Discord: #8157 (Ellie)

Prices on Application

I am happy to just have a chat with you to give you a quote - please do not hesitate just to ask. 






Characters/NPCs (Including full-bodies and Portraits)

I am happy to do OCs, NPCs, or anything else. I am not limited to created characters, game characters, etc. This means I am happy to create an original character for you, all the way to doing fanart. 





I am happy to take on a challenge, so please let me know if you have anything you want me to tackle. Below are some examples of creatures, hard-surface objects, etc. 




1hr Horse Study 


1hr Horse Study 

How do I work?

At the beginning we will have a chat through a private channel about what exactly you want, what style, etc. I will then tell you the specific price for that, I cannot give an exact price until I know what you would like. Once we have settled this, I will ask for payment up front. From this I will then go away, gather some references and also sketches for you to review - I may come to you with references first or with both sketch and reference. Depending on what I am doing for you, I may show you multiple thumbnails of your idea or just one. For example:ellie-cooper-thumbnails.jpg?1518458097

I will send you something like above. This applies for everything I do for you, whether its environment, characters, etc I will send you a few thumbnails to choose. Once you choose which one you like best, I will get to work. While doing my work I will keep in contact with you, whether thats by email, Discord or here. Throughout the progress I will send you screenshots, asking for your honest opinion. If you don't like what I have done, then thats fine! I will go back and redo whatever you aren't a fan of. Once I have finished the image, you are free to use it however you want. All I ask is that I may show it on my portfolio. If you are trying to keep your game a secret from the public, then I am happy to negotiate this (i.e may I show it privately in interviews, may I release it once the game has been made public, etc) 


Previous Clients 

- Tremder 


If you are interested in my commissions, please either reply here, email, PM or message me/add me on Discord. 

I am happy to just have a chat with you to give you a quote - please do not hesitate just to ask. 

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