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Where do you go to purchase a logo?


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Hello! I have a concept (a flat vector) for the logo for my in development game. However, I was wanting a version to put on the website itself that... well, look more artsy and game-like. I was wondering, where do you go to commission a logo? Is there an alternative website that you go to look for professional freelancers that specialize in logo design?

Right now, I have been developing my game with a logo placeholder since my vector one pretty much disappears into the landscape (the banner) and doesn't really pop and I'm wanting to finally get that knocked out of the way.

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I don't know if my post helps, but I always try to look for local designers. I've gotten burned by sites like Fiverr, etc., before. Or sometimes it's an issue of communication...

Anyways, I've started to ask for recommendations for local graphic designers or artists who I could work with. They're more expensive, but I've come to appreciate the service that goes along with the process. And it's easier to make sure that the logo isn't ripped off from an existing one. Or that the designers actually follow through with the skills they say they have.

It's also helpful when you can tell them the format you want, what applications you're going to use the logo for, etc. I stay away from design agencies who I feel overcharge for logos, and work with independent designers instead.

I'd recommend checking out if there are any local design groups online, like on Facebook or something, or ask around for recommendations? I haven't tried this myself -- but I've always wanted to ask a business owner where they get their logo, if it stands out to me. I'm thinking they wouldn't mind giving a referral for their designer? 


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