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I'm asking this question for my own research purposes. It contains several parts.

Firstly: How do you feel about games that include human Avatar features? Subeta and Gaia did it first obviously, but when a game chooses to include a feature like this do you love it or hate it? Do you feel that it's overdone? Do you prefer that websites spend more time developing their pet system or do you prefer they focus on the avatars? 

Secondly: In terms of art how do feel about human avatars and the quality of the art that interests you. Do you prefer realistic or semi-realistic? Art with an anime feel or something more western inspired?

Thirdly: What kind of features do you appreciate with websites that include human avatars? Obviously the ability to customize as much as possible is the key here, but what really draws you in as a player. What do you look for, what turns you off when you see these features included. 


That's about it for now. If I think of more I'll add at a later date. Thanks in advance for helping me with my research.

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We had human avatars on Vis Servo and everyone liked them. We did contests where we would set a theme and then you would dress your avatar up for that theme and then everyone got to vote on the best ones. It was well liked. The biggest downside is that avatars require a LOT of clothing and customizations drawn on a frequent basis so that people get a lot of customization choices otherwise they're pretty boring when they all look alike.

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