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Hello TGL community!


It has been some time since I have posted about Lemorsea, but I am gearing up to begin development once again. I am currently searching for a developer to take on as a partner to get this game up and running.

About Lemorsea

Lemorsea is an wild horse RPG with a heavy emphasis on lore and character plots. Lemorsea is a unique blend of equine roleplay and virtual pet ownership! Users can create characters using our character builder, claim herds, battle other players (or even entire herds!), and follow our monthly lore release. Players also can interact in the herd forum areas, which also include a few preset actions for additional interaction between characters!

Lemorsea is currently divided up into four kingdoms (kingdoms will be ruled by NPC's to start with). Each kingdom will offer 4-6 available herdlands for player character's to claim/begin their story!

Current Progress

As of now, all art (character + items), game concepts, and a framework has been purchased! I intent to integrate PGF (by design1online), which is very close to completion. In addition to all art, thorough documentation of concepts, and the framework, I also have a few months worth of lore (monthly plot releases) saved up! At this point in time, a developer is the missing piece to the puzzle. I encourage you to take a look at Lemorsea's static pages for a preview of quality! I am very proud of the quality level of the art and page designs, and would love to take on a partner who will grow to love this game/concept as I do.

For further consideration and discussion of a potential partnership, please send me a private message or an email to [email protected].

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