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Marapets has come back better than ever after suffering the devastating server crash back in February. A reddit topic that had significant popularity skyrocketed activity on the site and it’s definitely a place you would want to be right now! Whatever your age, the site has something to offer and I would really appreciate anybody signing up (or returning to an account you haven’t played in a while) using my referral link below:


thankyou! @Members

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@Callum  speaks the truth, there is a strong resurgence of activity at Mara. However, I would wait a few days before venturing back, as annual site maintenance is in progress. 

If you haven't been there in a while, or if you've never been to Marapets, this is a great time to join. The entire site has been redrawn, and the number and variety of activities has increased dramatically. More are coming, apparently. The site has a very active community and new members are coming on board in droves.

Age ranges from about 9 to 80+, with the majority of players in their late teens and twenties and a good balance of the various sexes.

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