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New breed + revampped clubs


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Hello again!

We have been hard at work tweaking our world club features, and finally have some news for you! As you know, each world has its own club. Clubs have an elected president, which changes each month based on election outcomes. In addition to a president, clubs have championship beauty contests and competitions! These championship activities dole out double the rewards of a regular world beauty contest or competition.

Here is a quick overview of changes made:

  • All users can vote in elections! Basic players get 1 vote per club, gold level gets 2 votes per club, silver level gets 3 votes per club, and platinum gets 5 votes per club!
  • Club presidents can approve/deny horse and player registrations
  • Club presidents can initiate championship competitions/beauty contests
  • Club presidents set all club related registration and entry fees
  • Club presidents can modify club information text

As a reminder, presidents get double their weekly salary while standing as president. You can be president of more than one club! I highly suggest everyone try out the election process and/or participate in the championship activities. We will be adding special championship accolades to horse profiles in the near future.

For those of you interested in running for club president, be sure to collect as many votes as possible!

Here is a link to the club portion of our new help section.

Next up, we have a brand new breed in the Volcano world! Introducing, the Loraur.



Check back soon for more updates,

- CE Staff

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