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Remember when we designed stickers and said that eventually you might be able to buy HP t-shirts? Well, that day has arrived!

HP now has a store on Zazzle where you can order t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, magnets, stickers, and more!


Check it out here!

Quick FAQ!
Q: Why is a third party website selling this stuff?
A: Sites like Zazzle custom-print designs when they're ordered, so there's no inventory for us to order and keep track of. They do all of the heavy lifting, and worry about shipping, so we don't have to!

Q: Will they ship outside of the US?
A: Yes! You can read more about their shipping policies here.

Q: Why are some shirts and certain colors or sizes more expensive than others?
A: Darker colors are more expensive to print, so those items cost slightly more. However, there is a large array of colors options available at various price points. We did our best to make sure all sizes were within the same price ranges for apparel, but unfortunately, we don't have complete control over that aspect of pricing.

Q: Can I use Zazzle coupon codes on orders for HP merch?
A: You sure can! Right now there is 20% off site-wide, with the code ZAZZCARDSAVE.

Q: What if I'm not happy with my order?
A: You can return it for free! Read more about their return policy here.

Q: Will there ever be more items or designs available?
A: Definitely! We will do some seasonal designs and will offer more products in time.

Q: Are you going to do giveaways of HP merch?
A: That might be a future possibility ;).

Q: Does the sale of merch help support HP?
A: Yes! A small percentage of the sale goes toward HP. It also benefits HP in the form of advertising and getting our name out there.

Other questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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