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Breeding system progress, AI improvements, and more!


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My last devlog in 2017! I feel like I've made great progress with the game in these 5 months, and I hope to do a lot more in the coming year. Now, onto the news!

-Breeding System-

For the past two days I've been working on the breeding system, which I may end up having to overhaul since the breeding system that comes with the mysidia framework was meant for adoptables, not animal sims. This is what I've done so far:

  • example_by_hoafan-dbyd0s2.png
    • I completed the art for newborn pups. This one has a blue base -- no markings in this example though.
    • I'm still debating if I want nose colors to show on newborns, or if I want all newborns to have pink noses.
  • At the moment, a pup's markings are randomly selected from that of the parents. Inside of this "array" is an empty marking slot, so the chance of a pup having little-to-no markings increases for every empty marking slot the parent has.
  • I divided all of the bases into groups, and now a pup has a (roughly) 60% chance of inheriting from a parent and a 40% chance of inheriting a base from either parent's color group.
    • For example black + white could result in: faded black, black, grey, dark grey, light grey, white, and off-white.

-AI Progress-

I set it up so needs change at least 3 times each day for NPCs. (ex. eat when you're hungry, sleep if you're tired) Once that works well, I worked on other things like hunting if the pack is low/out of food. Then over time that would affect the amount of prey in the immediate area, etc. So basically I worked on making the site functional without player interaction, since that's a large chunk of the site. After that, I can work on adding things for the player to do and how they can affect things.

  • I'm currently debating replacing the "moves per day" system with an energy bar.

-Minor Ecosystem Progress-

Hunting now affects the amount of prey left in a territory. Prey replenishes every day (at the moment), but it can become scarce if a pack overhunts. I'll work on improving how alphas handle pack hunts, because at the moment they will declare hunts if food stores are low, even if prey is running low. I want it to be so packs will start to ration if prey is scarce so, you know, they don't starve lol

-New Art + Updates-

  • White markings are now brighter, so the look less like a 5'o clock shadow on some bases
  • Black markings are now darker, so they look less grey on some bases
  • inferno_item_by_hoafan-dbyd34e.png
    • I started working on wearables. This is the "inferno" item.
  • ember_by_hoafan-dbyd34u.png
    • This wolf has the new "ember" base. They also have the updated agouti marking, which looks much more defined and clean now.
    • The urajiro marking got a similar update too
  • spiritus_by_hoafan-dbyd35e.png
    • This is the very rare "spiritus" base.
  • Added 3 new markings:
    • Husky
    • Tail rings (black and white)
    • Back stripes (Black, red, and blue)
  • Still haven't gotten around to those paw pads.
  • banner2_by_hoafan-dbybvlx.png
    • I made a brand new banner!

-Battle System Progress-


While it's not done, this is what the battle page looks like so far. The "challenge" button was re-added to a wolf's visit page, and clicking on it causes you to engage in battle with them. Winning or losing doesn't affect anything at the moment though. The art still needs cleaning, since it's very "sticker-like".


This is the full-res version of what a wolf's battle sprite looks like.

Eventually, challenging wolves can lower relations with said wolf as well as probably shifting ranks.

-Relationship system progress-

It's still in the early stages, but now you can gain relationship points with a wolf. Once you reach at least 120 points, you can become mates with them. Obviously it need a lot more fleshing out, but that's what's done so far.


We have a forum! Now there's a specific place for game discussion, news posts, suggestions, etc. (Besides the discord, that is.)

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