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User adopt shops are here!


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A new feature is finally here! You can now create your own shop for selling your adoptables to other users!



You can view the list of shops created by users at foodbabs.com/usershop. You can't buy from your own shop though, since what's the point of that? Once you manage to sell a pet, you will get a PM that says which pet you sold and who bought it.

You can create and edit your shop from the shop CP, located at foodbabs.com/shopcp. At the moment, you can only make one shop and you can only sell adoptables.


Finally, you can put a pet on (or off) sale from their manage page under the "sale" tab:


-Minor Changes-

  • The pet manage page has been restyled! Now everything is organized into neat little tabs.
  • Using the daycare will no longer log you out, regardless of which domain you're using. (foodbabs.com or foodbabs.x10host.com)

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