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New breeds, body colors, and feature updates


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The official countdown has begun! Celestial Equine is now 5 days away from the grand-opening, and we need your help knocking out the rest of our unknown bugs. Keep reading for more exciting updates!


New breed; the eponine!

A new breed has been discovered in the Desert World! The Eponine is known for it's unique feathery mane and silky tail. This majestic breed is not only athletic, but a clear showstopper in the beauty contest arena. Create one today!



Happy Wednesday!


We officially have 30 entries in our site-wide training competition. You can check out the master list of entries here. Which horse do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments!

If you missed your chance to enter, don't worry! We will begin hosting these competitions at the club level in the near future :D


Next up, we have quite a few bug fixes to announce!

  • Tack can be re-ordered from the horse-profile. This solves problems with saddle/blanket layering!
  • Players may delete friends from their friends list
  • Tack is limited to 6 items per horse
  • Table issue with chrome browse has been resolved

Lastly, we are scheduled for a server change for this week! Our new servers will resolve our maximum connection errors, which currently cause errors in the inventory area. We are not expecting any data loss! This move should could a maximum of 24 hours worth of down-time, but the results are worth it! Faster load time and less timing out errors :D We will send another email + post updates on all social media before the change happens!

I hope you all are having a great week! Stay tuned for additional updates around club changes, crossbreeding, and new breed registration. Crossbreeding is very close for release!



We have new natural body colors and need your help assigning them to breeds! Post your suggestions in the most recent news post for consideration!

Shown colors: Steel Grey, Rose Grey, Grullo, Chocolate Palomino, Dun, Perlino Dun, Palomino Dun


Hop on over to CE and create an account today!


Check back soon for more updates!

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