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Closed Alpha Stage 1 Roadmap


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Since this was a side project, I at first just had some simple ideas written down as was working on them without much structure as to which development stage it would be present in. (IE: the trello board)

Link to Google Doc

I created a document that shows exactly what features will be present in which stage. This helps me narrow down my focus so I can work more efficiently, and this shows you what to expect for which release. I don't have every development stage on there yet, but I do have the plan completed for the first phase: Closed Alpha 1. The other stages are as follows:

  • Closed Alpha 2
  • Open Alpha 1
  • Open Alpha 2
  • Beta 1
  • Beta 2
  • Full Release
    • In this stage, the game functions as expected but new features will be rolled out on a non-regular basis.

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