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Cybura - 15 Days of Christmas Event!


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Happy Holidays! So, as promised, here is the update regarding the 15 days of Christmas event. It's a few hours late unfortunately, due to testing and adding some final touches, but nonetheless, here it is! And one more thing to take note of is that the event will also be running a day late, meaning instead of it starting today (December 21, 2017), it will begin tomorrow (December 22, 2017) at midnight. So, we are going to keep this update short and jump right into it!

Step 1 - Acquire Your Holiday Gift Pack(s)

(Click to see larger image)

Cybura is still in it's development stage, and this stage can prove to be the most costly because it does not generate funds regularly. So with that said, the Holiday Gift packs and this event are part of our fundraiser in hopes to generate a bit of funds to help take care of server costs, bring you a bit of new art and speed up programming in some areas. So far the event has pulled in about half of what it cost for the art of the event itself (the exclusive items), but regardless, we thank everyone for their support! Whether you help fund Cybura or help by staying active and/or inviting your friends, thank you so much!

Step 2 - Activate your Holiday Gifts

(Click to see larger image)

To activate your holiday gift packs, open your travel bag click the holiday pack you wish to activate and then click the "Activate" button (#1 in image) located under "Store Item".

Step 3 - Place & Claim

(Click to see larger image)

Visit the 15 Days of Christmas event page which you can do so by clicking here or you may find it under the "Play" section in the navigation bar. On that page you will see the total amount of holiday gifts that you have to place (#1 in image) as well as the current day of the event (#2 in the image). Next you will see greyscale gift boxes labeled Day 1-15. If you have holiday gifts that are available to be placed then click on the gift box of the day you would like to place it on, once you do then you will place 1 holiday gift on that day and the greyscale gift box should become full of color. You will also notice that the 0 in the top right of that day will increase by 1 with each click and that you will be unable to place anymore on that day once 5 holiday gifts are placed there. This number is the amount you will receive in your travel bag of that day's item.

Remember, these items are exclusive and will NEVER be released again. Another thing to take note of is that you cannot place Holiday Gifts on the current day or days of the event that have already passed, so be sure to place all your gifts before the event stars so you won't miss out (#3 in image). We encourage you to open your gifts and claim your items each day, but if you miss a day, then no worries, you can still claim them at any time. When you claim an item, it is marked as claimed and also shows you the item image instead of the gift box (#4 in image). Lastly, the border will turn green for each day that has passed and also the current day of the event (#5 in the image), this as well as the current day count (#2 in the image) helps you to keep track of things.

Step 4 - Enjoy & Thank you for your support!

We hope this information helps everyone understand the event a bit better. Thank you for supporting Cybura and we hope you enjoy!

P.S. Be sure to login on Christmas day to receive some free goodies!


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