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New index page + contests!


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It's been a long time since the last news post. Here is what's new on Foodbabs:


Our index page is no longer empty! It now has a short few paragraphs on the game's lore and stuff. A few other things are visible as well, like the updated art for the eggs (looks much cleaner than the old ones) and the new winter adoptable that's coming soon. 

In other news, pet contests are (hopefully) here to stay! It's now automatic, so it chooses winners, prizes of the week, and general database cleanup without my help.

  • Like before, the "Best in Show" is the only available contest at the moment since we don't have enough members for everyone to enter different types.
  • Unlike before, winning a contest will no longer raise your ranking. It was previously programmed where you moved up a rank and you competed with those who were the same rank as you, but we don't have enough users to have that kind of system. Until then, everyone competes on the same level.



We could be getting a new theme in time for the holidays! This one is called "simplicity", and is much more mobile friendly than our current "virtuoso" theme. It also allows for more freedom, like seasonal backgrounds and a more fleshed-out banner. It's also one of the first good themes I've made myself U_U
Unlike before, when the old theme was phased out after a new one arrived, "virtuoso" will remain available once this one is released. This is because both work relatively well on mobile, and both themes use bootstrap 4 so the content is compatible. It isn't finished, and still needs a lot of work to be visually appealing, but "simplicity" will eventually become the default theme.

If you wish to test out the new theme, it can be changed at http://foodbabs.com/changestyle

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