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Netflix- The Farthest: Voyager in Space


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I've had a strong interest in space/planets since I remember.  I just got done watching a documentary on Netflix.  It was about the Voyager spacecraft that was launched in 1977.  Just hearing from the people who worked on the program, and hearing when they discovered something about the planets and moons they were exploring, the emotions were just running high!  It's amazing to think that Voyager is still going, in interstellar space, and that in 40,000 years that it will pass another star, and that in 4 billion years, even when our own sun becomes a red giant engulfing the earth, that it still will be surviving and carrying some of our history on a golden record that will outlive us all.

It makes me wonder what data (if any) we will be getting back from Voyager in the future.

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